Lipozene Reviews – 3 Reasons It’ll Not Help You Lose Fat (#2 Is Scary)

Lipozene Reviews - Things (And Complaints) They Don't Want You To See!

I'll begin my Lipozene review (November 2018) by giving you the verdict in a one simple sentence:

Lipozene will not help you lose weight in the long run. Period.

Now, with that said, here’s the detailed Lipozene review (and complaints!)…

First of all, tell me...

How envious do you feel while looking at those lean, sculpted women on the telly?

Well, why just TV… I’m sure there are many fit and lean people around you, at your workplace, college or even your neighborhood.

Be honest, you feel discontent about yourself, right?

Kind of a jealous/envious feeling…

“Why me!? What did I do to have this body? Forget being lean, why can’t I at least be in a decent shape?”

Well, I just want to tell you that I know EXACTLY what that feels like, I have been in that exact place, for years.

I guess losing fat is not just a fad, it's a need these days.

Science and technology have made everything so easy, right from doing the utensils to communicating with people from faraway places.  

It was a few years ago, I was browsing in search of a quick and easy hack for weight loss, I wanted to lose about 20lb in 2 months (for my cousin's wedding).

That's when I found a product, Lipozene pills on Amazon, which claimed to support my weight loss goal. 

Lipozene Claims - Do They Even Makes Sense?

Well, when I first thought of writing this Lipozene review, I went to company's official website.

There the manufacturers almost claim that Lipozene Pills in 2018 are one of the best weight loss pills in the market.

​These fat loss pills contain a single ingredient, a water-soluble fiber called “glucomannan”. It is extracted from an Asian plant, Amorphophallus Konjac, which is also known as Elephant yam.

They manufacture this pill with a vision of "creating a fit and healthy community".

According to the manufacturers, Lipozene capsules help in losing weight and they might even support healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Hey, did I mention that these diet pills are GMO-free, Gluten-free and Caffeine free?

Sounds like the next best thing, no?

Wait for it though…

​Lipozene Complaint #1 - Lipozene Doesn't Even Work!


​Before we get to customer complaints, first, let’s see the effect of Glucomannan, the primary ingredient in Lipozene. It is a dietary fiber which has an incredible ability to absorb water and act as a thickener.

A few hundred milligram of Glucomannan can turn a whole glass of water into super thick gel. Thankfully, at least Glucomannan is an FDA approved thickener and meat binder used in the food industry.

It has however, not been confirmed by any study for its use as a weight loss supplement (or medical aid). Once it is consumed and moves into the stomach, the Lipozene capsule breaks open and the Glucomannan, now exposed to the stomach contents expands by absorbing a large amount of water.

It emulsifies and thickens the contents which gives the person a feeling of fullness. 

This in turn reduces the amount of food consumed. It also increases the time required for the food to pass from the stomach to the small intestine (Gastric emptying time) which helps to prolong satiation.

Several other dietary fibers have similar effects but Glucomannan has proved to form an extra thick gel and that may be the reason that it is so effective. Glucomannan apparently, has some other added benefits.

  • Low caloric content: Since it is quite low in calories, it gives a feeling of fullness without having to consume a lot of calories.
  • Laxative effect: The bulky product which is produced because of absorption of water by Glucomannan can induce bowel movements, thus contributing to the weight reducing effect. This is also why it can be used for treating constipation.
  • Reduces overall caloric uptake: It also decreases the overall number of calories you consume by decreasing the absorption of other nutrients, like protein and fat.   
  • Improves gut health: Glucomannan consumption may indirectly affect weight loss by promoting the growth of good bacteria in the gut which improve digestion and gut health.
  • Improves lipid profile: Glucomannan may help to improve lipid profile by raising levels of good cholesterol and lowering triglyceride levels.

Now, when we talk about weight loss, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

Reduce the quantity of food, aka, your calorie intake, right? That is exactly what Lipozene’s supposed to do.

This weight loss pill is packed with Glucomannan, a highly viscous fiber which makes you feel fuller, thereby reducing your food and calorie intake.

In short, this is nothing but an appetite suppressant.

Here’s how the manufacturers of Lipozene recommend you to consume it for witnessing best and faster results:

  • 1
    Take 2 capsules
  • 2
    With a minimum 8 OZ. of liquid
  • 3
    30 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner

With all those flashy assertions and promises, I was lured to give this fat burning pill a try.

This is what I was thinking:

“Whoa, I never knew losing weight was this easy! Really? I can now easily control my temptations and cravings with these appetite suppressant pills.”

I ordered a bottle of Lipozene pills from Amazon. One bottle lasts for a month and this bottle of 90 capsules costs around $25. 

​​Lipozene Reviews - Side Effects, Recommended Dose & Precautions

The Obesity Research Institute, LLC website recommends the use of Lipozene capsules in doses of 2 capsules, 30 minutes before meals with at least 8 oz. of water.

This can be done up to three times per day within the daily maximum of 6 capsules which they recommend as the most effective way to get optimum results.

​When compared to a number of other diet pills, Lipozene is relatively safe. There are however some minor concerns that need to be addressed. The excellent absorbing and expanding power of Glucomannan could pose the risk of a choking hazard. Lipozene should therefore not be swallowed dry or broken open to swallow just the powder inside the capsule.

Further, though there have been no known cases, consuming excessive amounts of Glucomannan or consuming it without taking the required amount of water with it can lead to blockage in the intestines or other parts of the gastrointestinal tract.

Another major concern that I personally have with Lipozene is undernourishment. I have always been an advocate for a wholesome and nutritious diet.

Eating the right foods and getting all the necessary nutrients is more important than the number of calories you put in your body. Lipozene may cause under-eating and hence undernourishment.

Does Lipozene Work? The Truth.

I would like to stress (for the 1000th time) on the fact that there is no one wonder pill for losing weight.

Else, obesity would have long been overcome by humanity.

There is no real scientific evidence to show that Glucomannan in doses present in dietary supplements like Lipozene, alone can have any significant weight loss effects though the makers claim otherwise.

In fact, research itself says Glucomannan does not work to help lose fat.

Lipozene and other weight loss supplements may help you lose SOME weight, and that too, 'probably', but they most definitely won’t help you keep it off.

Though incorporating dietary fiber (of any kind) has proved to aid weight loss, it is not any more effective than proper life-style changes and a well-balanced diet in maintaining a lasting, safe and healthy weight loss.

Here’s everything I noticed personally while consuming Lipozene Pills:

No change in appetite: As the Lipozene website states, their product reduces your appetite by making you feel fuller, these pills, in reality, did not suppress my appetite. 

Difeerence between a normal person and a foodie

I had been gobbling as much as I gobble usually, and the Lipozene pills did not make me feel fuller by satiating my hunger.

Feeling bloated and Swollen: The so-called ‘best weight loss pill’ had a great impact on my gastrointestinal health. I felt bloated. Instead of making me thinner, it made me feel all ballooned up. I felt heavier than I was, plus, my stomach seemed enlarged.

And no, before writing this Lipozene review, I was never (not never, almost never) constipated or felt any severe bloating in my life.

Loosies AND Constipation: In case you are tired of your busy schedule and you are looking for a temporary change in your schedule, this pill is for you! It will surely restrict you from doing all kind of jobs by forcing you to be in the washroom all day due to severe loose motions.

Yes, I was trapped in my washroom for 2 days, I couldn’t go to work, and neither could I do my household chores.

If that wasn’t bad, I was also getting severely constipated!

That feeling which can only be expressed via this image:

The feeling after consuming Lipozene

I know, it’s so weird, but it can happen when you take a fiber supplement like Lipozene (which is what this is, a fiber, one that you can get for 1/10th the cost of this branded scam).

No change in the weighing scale: Of course, I did not use it for more than a week as I fell sick with loose stools within a week itself. I did not see any change in my appetite either.

That being said, my weight was the same but my gastrointestinal health was a mess.

Sheer waste of money: Even though there are people who did not face any kind of side effects, the impact of these fat loss pills is zero to very little. Splurging $25 on Lipozene Capsules every month is basically a waste of money. 

So Why Are There So Many Lipozene Complaints? In 2018?

irst of all, let’s ask ourselves - what is fiber?

Well, fiber is nothing but a type of carbohydrate that cannot be digested by us. Also, unlike carbohydrates, fiber cannot be broken down into sugar molecules, which therefore travels through the body undigested. And that’s how they make you feel fuller.

There are two types of fiber,

  • ​Soluble in water
  • ​Insoluble

Lipozene is made with a water-soluble fiber, glucomannan. This fiber has a powerful effect on our health and metabolism. Soluble fibers, especially the glucomannan fiber increase your metabolism and stimulate weight loss.

Then why did Lipozene fail? Why do people complain about it?

We all know that fiber is essential for a healthy living, but as these fibers do not dissolve, they have adverse effects too on our gut like diarrhea, constipation and loose stools.

A recent study on fiber treatment found that even though 39% of people felt satiated, only 22% of people experienced a reduced appetite.

Also, fibers work efficiently when all the types of soluble and insoluble fibers are consumed together, preferably in its natural form.

In short, the best way to reduce weight is to choose the natural and healthy means of weight loss.

In case you want to increase the intake of fiber, opt for foods like oats, nuts, wheat, brown rice, lentils, apples, carrots and cucumbers.

Should You Try Lipozene? Is It Worth It?

Based on this Lipozene review, and numerous studies (see this, this and this) on Glucomannan, you already know my answer!

NO, you shouldn't be taking Lipozene. Don't even try it.

A fiber pill for weight loss, c'mon!

TIP: Instead of this plain, ZERO nutrition fiber which costs a ton, why not start eating more salads, veggies at dinner so along with the extra fiber, you'll also get loads of anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals!

One more important thing: Glucomannan can interfere with certain anti-diabetics by slowing absorption.

People with esophageal abnormalities or diseases should also take appropriate precautionary measures before using Lipozene.

There is definitely some evidence out there that Glucomannan can help with weight loss. If you would like to try it, I would recommend buying any other non-branded Glucomannan supplement easily available online or in health food stores. 

As Glucomannan is the only active ingredient in Lipozene, these cheaper non-branded supplements should work just fine. Glucomannan is also available in other forms such as chews and gums in local health food stores.

You could try to incorporate fiber in moderation in your diet in an even cheaper way by consuming foods rich in fiber like those shirataki noodles.

In the end, I would like to say that there is no shortcut to healthy weight loss.

It takes time, patience, and some good daily habits.

I believe that achieving a healthy body is a marathon rather than a sprint. The bottom line here is, even if you do use Glucomannan supplements like Lipozene, it is still important to exercise and maintain a nutritious diet.

So How Should You Really Lose Weight?

After a terrible experience with Lipozene pills, I decided to ditch the easy route and took the long-term road. Believe me, that’s the best thing I have ever gifted to myself.

Make tiny changes in your life

Once you decide to lead a healthy life, you not only reduce weight but you also gain confidence.

Yes, I made a few healthy changes in my schedule and noticed a tremendous change in my weight.

What kind of healthy changes?

First, I started eating more natural food than processed or canned ones. I made sure that I do not listen to my cravings regularly, of course you don’t need to shut them completely.

Secondly, I made sure that I burnt some decent amount of calories every day. I know that it is tough to workout every day in this busy schedule, but I made tiny changes like climbing up the stairs instead of taking the elevator and walking up to the grocery store instead of using a vehicle. I ensured that I cycled every morning for just 20 minutes.

That’s it!

That is just a few minutes of being active every day. Quite doable, isn’t it? A healthy lifestyle does not mean restricting yourself till the point you give up.

Plus, I made it a point that I will not compromise on my sleep.

So I made it a point (and still do) to get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. Sleep and rest play an important role in maintaining a healthy body weight.

Trust me, maintaining a healthy routine is not as difficult as we think.

No weight loss supplements or belts can work as efficiently as your diet and lifestyle can.

That is all I have to share from my experience.

I hope this article helped you in judging whether Lipozene pills or any dietary supplements for that matter, are good for your health or not.  

Healthy lifestyle too can be interesting

To check out how exactly I lost 62lb, WITHOUT any diet pill or some fad diet, but by simply adopting a few daily habits - check this blog post on my site.

Instead Of Lipozene - Follow These 8 Simple Food Tips

Now, we all know a few rules when it comes to eating for fat loss.

For e.g. we know that food plays a very, if not THE, most important part in creating your body composition and fueling your body.

If you are eating too much of the wrong foods, your body composition will change accordingly.

If you eat too little food, your body will work with the fuel that you have given it, making cut backs to the detriment of its function.

Food and diet can be an extremely detailed subject and there are many theories and practices that seem to contradict each other. Some will claim to give you amazing weight loss or phenomenal muscle growth.

The truth is that many of these diet ideas and theories will work if they are practiced consistently.

However, in my opinion, it’s best to keep it simple as there is no substitute for a good knowledge of basic nutrition.

Making nutritional and dietary changes that compliment any exercise you do (and you should!) will help to speed up your training progression so it’s worth taking note of these. With any lifestyle change, we believe that if there are too many changes going at once, it can become overwhelming.

Keeping track of a bunch of new practices can be too much of a hurdle for most and there is no need to make things more difficult than they need to be.

Since an exercise routine is a large change to incorporate into your life, I advise that you initially just make yourself aware of the food that you are eating, making only small and gradual changes when you are ready. Remember that a lot of small changes over time will result in a big change in the end.

That’s how you lose weight naturally, without ‘aids’ like Lipozene pills.

So with that said, here are some simple ways to start building good food habits. You may want to make one of these changes every week until eventually you are practicing all of these 8 suggestions.

never skip your meals

Don’t skip meals – As a beginner, this is a good practice to help your metabolism function correctly.

Eat three to four nutritionally balanced meals every day.

Theories such as intermittent fasting are sound but we would advise that these practices are looked into when you become more experienced as a possible progression.  

Drink lots of water – Aim to drink at least two liters of water per day. Water is so crucial to our health; indeed, our bodies are 50-65% water. In fact this is also what Lipozene manufacturers rely on. More Lipozene = more glucomannan = more water = less appetite. It’s not a surprise it doesn’t work that way in the real world though!

more water is always good

Water can only help with weight loss

So anyway, water is needed for numerous bodily functions. It is needed for digestion and the removal of wastes and toxins from the body.

Water is vital for healthy brain and cell functioning. It helps to transport oxygen around the body and aids in the absorption of vitamins and minerals.

Drinking plenty of water is one of the most basic ways you can improve your health (and weight). Conversely, sugary drinks, including sodas, energy drinks, and juices, have an extremely high sugar content. Sugar in this refined form has no nutritional benefit and will seriously hamper your weight-loss and fitness efforts. If in doubt about the make-up of any drink, steer clear of it.

Cut back on chocolate, sweets and desserts – Most sticky favorites are full of sugar, fat, and generally have no nutritional value. It may seem like a boring life without some sweet treats from time to time but on the whole you will find that your health and weight-loss changes will come faster if you’re also cutting down on unnecessary, nutritionally “empty” calories.

Make a note of how many sweet treats you currently eat and aim to cut that down by half. If you have a sweet craving, try using this as an opportunity to train your body to gain the same satisfaction from a piece of fruit; switch out a biscuit for an orange or two.

Eat lean meat – If you eat meat, always use the lean cuts for your meals. White fish, chicken, or turkey breast are a good choice. Cuts of beef with low fat content can be used occasionally throughout the week. See this study.

Snack on vegetables and nuts - If you tend to snack a lot, switch out the pre-made, processed snacks for more natural ones. Try munching on raw veggies, such as carrots or celery sticks.

prioritizing foods over lipozene

Leave 'fast foods', grab slow foods! ;)

Apple slices or mandarin oranges make great lunchbox additions, or you may want to try unsalted nuts and dried fruit for an appetite-curbing snack.

In fact, I even wrote a post on "making your own fast foods".

Add more whole grains, beans, fruits, and vegetables into your diet – A good start is to add a portion of greens to every evening meal. Try mange tout, green beans, or broccoli. These are really easy to stir-fry and full of goodness. If you’re feeling adventurous, try juicing vegetables a few times per week. Switch out white rice and pasta for their wholegrain counterparts. Try adding some fresh fruit to your breakfast cereal.

Slow down and eat less at each meal – You don’t need Lipozene to do this. One particular Lipozene review I read (that woman’s blog is no longer available now) mentioned eating smaller portion sizes was a really effective strategy that helped her in losing weight.

It was so effective that she basically threw her Lipozene pills away (of course, like me, she too suffered from severe constipation like me!)

eat slowly take your time

Eat like a sloth, slow and steady

So it can be a lot easier to implement if you simply make an effort to eat slower.

Many people rush through their meals, barely finishing one mouthful before stuffing the next one in.

You may find it hard at first to slow down because it requires you to focus and pay more attention to your food.

A good tip here is to put your knife and fork on the table after each mouthful, waiting until you have chewed and swallowed before picking them up again. 

Savor and enjoy every mouthful till the end. Taste the flavors and feel the textures of the food. You’ll be surprised at how long a meal can last and how satisfied you can feel with less.

Everyone needs deserves their fix!

Don’t cut out your favorite cheat foods altogether – This can lead to feelings of restriction and resentment. Instead, plan to have one of your favorites only once per week. But be careful not to use this as an opportunity to binge!

review, in 2014 in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, analyzed the findings from about 12 studies on the topic of incentives and behavior regarding a person's diet.

Of those examined, 11 found a positive association between incentives and dietary behavior change – at least in the short term. 

So there, this is a list of things that you can work towards.

Without Lipozene or any other diet pill. Though these might sound ‘generic’, how many times have you tried any of these for more than a few weeks?

Finally, I strongly advise don’t fall for scams such as Lipozene, Plexus or even using Bupropion for losing weight, rather start by changing just one thing at a time.

Remember that you should be aiming for long-lasting success here, not a quick-fix with Lipozene-like ‘solutions’, so a gradual approach is best.

Seriously, by making one change per week, or even per fortnight, you will only have one thing to focus on at a time.

This will lighten the load and allow time for your new healthy habits to set in.

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