Plexus Slim Accelerator Side Effects – As Safe As They Claim?

Why Knowing Side Effects Is Important

There are side effects to most diet pills and weight loss drinks. They range from none, minimum to dangerous! Knowing them is always a safe option to safe yourself some trouble.

Certain diet drinks and pills are to be consumed according to the instructions on the container.

An overdose is always, ALWAYS bad for your body.

At the same time discontinuing the course halfway could also leave one feeling miserable. This is because these products have a way of working on the body to promote weight loss. If this process is interrupted mid way then it causes discomfort to the body since it has already been accustomed to the effects.

Even while consuming the products, some ingredients might not suit certain people because of which they must stop the course all together.
Plexus slim

Plexus Slim Accelerator, according to a lot of reviews has been helpful for promoting weight loss by reducing appetite. In this article, we will see its side effects.

Every person’s body is different and so the way Plexus Slim reacts will also be different. While a lot of people may not suffer from the side effects, other may complain about them.

Reducing the appetite and therefore the quantity of food may sound healthy enough, but in some cases Plexus Slim also leads to the complete loss of appetite wherein the person may lose much more weight than the expected figure.

Major Plexus Slim Side Effects

Also the time within which the weight loss occurs has to be believable. The loss of an incredible 15 kilograms for someone with a normal weight, within a week could simply cause the person to faint due to low blood pressure and low blood pressure.

Another important point is that since Plexus Slim is rather filling and thus has to be had right before a meal, it is dangerous to try and eat less during other meals too.

This severely affects the vitamin and mineral stores in the body, later leading to deficiency.

The best thing could be to mix a packet of Plexus Slim with water and divide it into two bottles which can be consumed before two separate meals. Therefore, dividing the amount of Plexus Slim that goes into the body at a time is much safer than gulping an entire pack and thus skipping the meal completely.

It is recommended on the official website of Plexus Slim that the drink is much more effective when consumed along with a diet pill known as the Accelerator Plus.

The function of this pill is similar to that of Plexus Slim. The Accelerator + causes a person’s body to resist as much response as possible, to sugar or blood glucose.

When the blood glucose level remains constant, it helps to avoid unnecessary binging. The flipside of this pill is that it cannot be consumed without the drink and it is safer not to have it on an empty stomach.

Each pill contains a good amount of caffeine. Most of us know caffeine causes the following side effects:

  • Restlessness
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia and
  • Irregular heart beat

It is suggested that pregnant and nursing women should completely avoid Plexus Slim Accelerator plus all together because consuming the pill in addition to tea and coffee would mean a high concentration of caffeine in the body.

Consuming the Accelerator Plus later in the day causes sleeplessness and has to be taken preferably with the first meal of the day. People with high blood pressure and severe heart conditions should completely avoid this product, as also those with peptic ulcers.

It also contains green tea extracts which generally has no side effects. It is common knowledge that green tea or green tea extract shouldn’t be ingested on an empty stomach since it increases stomach acid. The pill has to be taken along with a meal, as is the case with green tea.

Otherwise the possible side effects are nausea, stomach pain and constipation. Green tea extracts also can cause a decrease in the absorption of iron from food.
Plexus slim side effects

While Plexus Slim helps regulate blood sugar, Accelerator Plus on the other hand is dangerous if one has issues with blood sugar. It can cause the blood sugar to drop so low that one may have seizures.

On consumption if any such thing occurs, the best thing to do is to immediately get medical help, have it flushed out of the system and discontinue its use.

Concluding on The Side Effects

All in all, though the pink drink does have its share of side effects, there have also been people reporting significant weight loss while using it. Now, the question I have to all these people is this…

“Have you lose weight because you are taking plexus slim, or is it because you have ALSO started eating correctly and working out? What then, if you stop taking the drink and just concentrate on your diet and exercises!?”

To this, sadly, no one has given me an answer, in all probability, that’s because people can see the obvious truth. Which is, you don’t need any shakes, drinks, pills or powders to lose weight.

The after effects and side effects of these things are far more dangerous than their benefits. If you wish to know what I did to lose a ton of my weight, and for FREE, go over to my plexus review page (link is on the right side) and scroll down till you find my solution.

All the best my friend!

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  1. I took this about three years ago and now I am having trouble with my speaking clearly? I have been to doctors and have had scat Scans, MRIs and they are normal. The doctors doesn’t know how to treat this. The last scanned I had on the side of my face it revealed that I had TMJ. What can I do to get my speaking back to normal again?

  2. I have lost weight while on Plexus but not in a desirable way. Plexus is causing me to lose weight by nausea, vomiting and explosive diarrhea even now 2 weeks after I stopped using it.

  3. I only took the pink slim for 2 days. It made my heart beat fast and made me very nervous and jittery. Just because it’s all natural doesn’t mean it’s all safe. Natural herbs can be as bad if not worse than RX side effects.

  4. The first time I ever tried Plexus Slim, I had a seizure and broke my back as a result. There were no warnings because I was told that everything was all natural and totally safe. This was the first time I had ever had a seizure and now I continue to have them and will be on medication for the rest of my life because of this.

  5. Our doctors and pharmacists sell us dangerous medicine all the time and have been doing it for many years. That being said, all I can say about Plexus is what it’s done for me. I’ve been on many diets in my lifetime and always felt weak. Not to mention the insatiable cravings, but with plexus I have more than enough energy and I can walk away from any of the foods I couldn’t pass up before! Lost around 20 lbs. In 5 weeks which is great! About 1/3 of the way there!! :)

  6. Started taking the slim and accelerator as instructed, today is my fourth day.

    I’ve feel so nauseous for several hours after taking these products that it almost feels like morning sickness. I’ve gotten light headed and seen spots while showering and have experienced diarrhea too.

    Skipping today and may possibly return these products. I need to lose weight but not by feeling like this!

  7. My mother made a Facebook post at 7:48 am on Sunday April 10th that she was drinking her plexus. At 9:30am Sunday April 10th my mother passed away her heart just stopped. Please be careful with this product. I think she had been drinking it for about 3 weeks.

  8. another fad ‘pyramid’ scheme product…

    I have loved ones that have gotten hooked by this and are now selling it. It is beyond me why anyone would pay these prices when the same ingredients (mainly green tea extract) can be purchased in any pharmacy at a fraction of the price.

    They get you hooked on the boost of energy that a high caffeine product will obviously give, claim that this stuff will cure everything from high blood pressure to diabetic/high glucose problems, will balance out your system, will stop cravings, headaches, constipation, sleeplessness…. so you buy into it. Sure, your headaches go away (from that nice caffeine boost), your cravings go because it IS a stimulant, etc… but pretty soon your body gets used to the levels and you have to drink or take more and more to feel that ‘I feel GREAT!” feeling.

    Which of course, costs more money (which someone else is laughing all the way to the bank with…) and puts added strain on your system because of the high levels of chemicals you are now taking. SMH… People! Drop the sugars and refined carbs (white flours, starches!!)… your glucose levels will thank you… Increase your protein intake – you’ll realize you feel fuller, longer!!! Cut the fats in your diet. By doing this – you could effectively lose weight without even having to exercise!!

    But a bit of walking and mild cardio obviously doesn’t hurt!!! USE COMMON SENSE!!


    It isn’t.

    It is a pyramid scheme using products that are found in every, single pharmacy or grocery store! But they package it up nice and turn it into a product that seems to be special and for the elite. Its smoke and mirrors, marketing, and pandering to the biggest money making audience = the ones that want to lose weight.

    • Plexus slim is making me nausea ..very hungry…keeps me awake…bad way to lose weight…I’ve Been on it for one week .getting off of it

  9. I’ve been taking the Plexus Slim and the Accelerator Plus for 2 months now, carefully following following their directions. On many occasions, I have gotten severe headaches, lightheaded, dizzy, and spotted vision all at once. It scared me so bad today that I almost called 911, luckily it went away after resting for about an hour. Never taking it again!!! I have not lost any weight at all, in fact I feel floated all the time and may have gained weight instead.

    • You can bad mouth it all you want, but when you have family members who could hardly digest food and they start taking plexus and it totally changes their life you can’t deny it. Plexus is an amazing product.

  10. Not sure how to take the pills…the writing on the bottle is way to small to see what the recommendation is for the time or when I should take the accelerator pill… information pamphlet came with my order I really believe you should get some type of information with your order so you can read about it

  11. I have had side effects to the accelerator capsule, no sleep, irradiated heartbeat, very rapid heart beat, nausea this has been an awful week.

  12. I have high blood pressure and reacently started taking the boost along with the bio cleanse. I took it for two days and am shaking constantly my blood pressure is normal but my pulse sky rocketed and I don’t know what to do. Any suggestions?

  13. Hello everyone! This is my first time ever writing a blog post or writing ANY type of review… I am not an ambassador of Plexus but I am a participant in the “pink drink craze”.

    My sister introduced me to Plexus a few weeks ago after she’d been on it for 2 months giving it rave reviews.

    A little about me – I have suffered from severe constipation my entire “adult” life (starting when I went thru puberty) I have always had to take laxatives just to have a BM. After being on Plexus for the first two days, I am going regularly (a BM in the morning and at night) and not diarrhea like all of other posts I have read. My stomach feels SO much better bc I am getting so much waste out of my body.

    Also, my sister just found out she was pregnant and informed her Dr she was on Plexus and told my sister that she did not have to stop taking it.

    Good luck everyone and sorry we all haven’t had the same results.

  14. I had bypass surgery and a heart attack in the last 8 years. I lost 70 pounds but still have 50 more to lose. I am also diabetic. I am an medication for my heart and diabetes. Is this product safe for someone with my medical background

  15. I love it lost 15 pounds so far. I have high blood pressure it down were it should be .feel a lot better and I have vertigo.hasn’t. Bothered. Me for a few plexus

  16. its much healthier to cut out soda…drink lots of water, eat greens , and walk walk walk. I lost 80 lbs this past year doing just that. And Ive been stuck at my weight and had two children. Im 40 and now almost my high school weight and looking and feeling better than I ever did on any supplement fads. Go with water, greens, and loads of walking…

  17. I used plexus for 3 months… Weight loss…a big fat 0. This stuff did nothing but cost me $450.00… It’s garbage don’t even waste your money!

  18. I have been on Plexus for a little over a week now and not really feeling any different. I read someone’s post that said something about not drinking coffee or diet soda with this. Is that true, I didn’t know anything about that.

    • Can I just say I’ve only been taking it for the last two days and for those two days I’ve had no sleep. I only drink it in the morning but yet every night I’m wide awake,totally restless and my heart rate rocket fast. I’m complete ly done with it!!!

  19. I have used Plexus (without the Accelerator) for a month or so. My real question is why it costs so much? It better be pretty amazing for me to pay $100 a month. But I want be paying anything, because it made me nervous, jittery, and I have actually gained weight. I think it is just a money-making MLM for those at the top.

  20. I wish I could praise the results everyone else is having, but I’m not. The only thing the pills have done for me is curve my appetite. The pink drink mix started to give me gas. slowly at first, then it was stomach bad cramps. So I still doing the pink mix.

  21. I took Plexus for about 2 months. I have 12 pounds to lose, and lost 2 pounds. I started to have anxiety attacks using Plexus. I think I’ve had maybe 3 anxiety attacks my whole life, hadn’t had one in 10 years, and now I’ve started getting them. I can only attribute this to Plexus. I didn’t feel hungry or had any cravings while on Plexus. I did feel full and bloated frequently, and my upper stomach started to have pains…which I believe is do to Plexus. Even though people may lose weight on this drink, you cannot be on a pink drink your whole life. It is a chemical concoction of stimulants.

  22. I started in Feb taking slim, I’ve lost 23 lbs I sleep better all night I wake up feeling refreshed I have no more inflammation in my joints I have energy I crave healthy food and water. I changed my diet gradually because I no longer craved sweets like I use to. This is not a magic drink it just helps to balance out your blood sugar and lipid levels you still have to do the diet changes but it has been a great life style changer for me. I’m 54 and haven’t felt this good since my 30’s.

    • Good for you Debbie…

      But to be quite honest, there cannot EVER be an artificial drink/powder that can “balance” your lipid levels and blood sugar like you yourself, your body can. Are you kidding? Your body is the most fantastic machine on Earth, you DO NOT need to inject all this garbage inside you to be healthy.

      • Easy there. So much hatred on this thread. Have you, yourself researched these products? Or did you try an MLM before and get completely scammed? These products are absolutely wonderful and are helping THOUSANDS of people live healthier lives. If you have questions, please email me! I’d love to turn you into a believer.

  23. I was 310 lbs 3 months ago. I now weigh 275ish. I feel great. No side effects. Maybe it works with my body, but yeah, to each his own.

  24. I tried the Plexus with and without Accelerator and they did NOT work – they also are very damaging to the body. They caused me to have very low blood pressure among many other things. BEAWARE!!
    I lost 58 lbs on my own by eating correctly and working out – works much better.

  25. My cousin is interested in losing weight. Her friend mentioned plexus slim. However, I have no computer so I cant find too much information. I want to know what it is, how it works

  26. I just got my Plexus Slim & Boost in the mail and I’m super excited about starting it. Can someone help me out and tell me when to take each one?

  27. Is there any website or anything that just give you a diet and you lose weight because there’s loads of apps that you put in diets and it tells you how many calories…. i dont want that! but is there anything that will just tell me a diet And I follow it?
    Please help me I’m trying to lose weight by July

  28. Anyone tried Plexus Slim or Herbalife? Wanting real results and how much weight loss in what amount of time if there was any. I already know eating right and exercise helps with weight loss. Any information on these or any other would be greatly appreciated

    • I did herbalife years ago. I had wonderful results! I lost 85 pounds in 7 months and went from a size 18/20 to a size 6 and kept the weight off for 5 yrs! Then I went to my bad habits and have gain some of the weigt back! (My own fault) I would highly recommend herbalife to anyone! Like any “diet” out there, there are directions, follow the directions and you won’t fail! Good luck in your journey!

  29. I went though the website and i am leaning towards yes but never had tried anything like this.

    also i look it as they have a 60 day guarantee so what else do i have to loose?

  30. I saw this ad for plexus slim and people say they have been losing up to 15lbs a month. Is that really how well this product works or is it just another scamful diet pill?

  31. I’m a 16 year old guy. 5’2″ 134 lbs and I wanna slim down to at least 125 lbs and then bulk up on muscle after. I’m currently running a mile everyday and I’m eating smaller portions of food now. Does Hydroxycut really work if you add in exercise and diet?

  32. I’m 18 I weigh 169lbs I don’t look like I weigh this much but I do:/ I’m very focused on losing weight before this winter and I just bought a 60day package of plexus slim and the accelerator. I’ve only been on it for almost a week but I really would like to know some results from somebody my size cause I know the bigger you are the easier the weight falls off. I don’t exercise very often I take care of an elderly man 24/7 so I move around a lot. I don’t eat very healthy but not very much. And I’m a severe asthmatic so hardcore exercise would only kill me lol so some pointer would be amazing if possible!

  33. I wanted to hear from those who have used Plexus slim. I started it 2 weeks ago and have lost a half a pound. I decided to try it because after 2 years of training and running 10,15K and half marathons and weight lifting(Charlene extreme) I barely have lost weight. I am healthy but still 20 pounds heavier than I need to be. I tried nutrisystem and eating mostly veggies but I would barely lose a half a pound in a week. I even had my thyroid checked. It is very very hard for me to lose weight. My question is did you see results right away or did it take time for some of you to see results. I notice it helps with cravings and appetite control so I am happy and I know how hard it is for myself to lose weight. Just want feedback from Plexus slim users.

    • Plexus is nothing bit stimulants. You aren’t supposed to need your other stimulation with it. Unfortunatly for me, I had a bad reaction to plexus and am now detoxing from the damage it caused to my body.

      • Same here Mellisa, try reading through my personal program. It’s free and yet much better than most others out there! :)

      • Actually, Slim has no stimulants. Accelerator + and Boost have some stimulants but none of their other products do. :)

        • Hi Ashley,
          Yes but remember that they do say that to lose weight, you HAVE to take slim AND accelerator+, so there’s no difference then…

  34. I have just started taking Plexus slim. I have been taking the accelerator and the pink drink for 2 days. But it makes me feel sleepy. Why can’t we drink soda or coffee with this product?

    • I have lost a fair amount on just plexus slim in a month. Roughly 5 lbs. no side effects. I just started the accelerator to help get thru a platuae . Before this I did weightloss w exercise and diet and lost 25 lbs on my own. So far it’s a nice addition . No issues w it.

  35. I have heard and seen people with great results. I tried a free trail of the PS (Plexus Slim) and it was good. I would like to hear different opinions on them both.

  36. I am 15 Female 5’7 or 5’8 weigh 10stone

    I really want to go on a diet which I can stick to. However, I hate Fruits but love veg so can you suggest any meals and diets? Also, Please suggest exercises to help lose weight e.g flatten stomach and get skinny legs.

    • I started a weightloss plan on August 1st, lost 11 pounds, 28 days, eating sensibly, low fat, low carbs, healthy unprocessed foods, water, nuts, light fruit for snacks, and started swimming. Feel great, and plan on continuing this til I lose a total of 80 pounds.

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