Plexus Slim Negative Reviews – Is The Pink Drink Still Worth It?

The current, somewhat horrid state of the weight los industry

Before we see some plexus slim negative reviews, I just want to say this…

One of the most prominent outcome of the common inactive lifestyle which majority of the people lead, along with the excessive indulgence of fatty and junk food is… unwanted weight gain.

What is extremely alarming is the fact that this has become a common problem faced by people all around the world irrespective of their origin, race and age. In order to combat this problem the most predominant trend followed by all is to take the help of the numerous fad diets and other weight loss products that are flooded in the market.

These diets and products have very stringent rules which allow very few items in the list of permissible foods that one can take while following the weight loss regimen.

Moreover some people even take resort to extreme measures like going through prolonged periods of starvation to attain their weight loss goals. Owing to these one does achieve instant weight loss but the results are never long term.

As soon as the person gets back to his normal diet not only does he regain the weight but in many cases also experience several health issues.

What Helps in Such a Scenario

But one product that genuinely fosters healthy weight loss and has been used by many satisfied customers around the globe is the Plexus slim drink, which is the focus of this negative review. It’s 2014 for crying out loud. This drink is more effective than so many other weight loss products simply because of the fact that it fosters speedy weight loss and the results remain effective over a long period of time.

What is most important is the fact that the Plexus slim drink fosters weight loss in a completely natural way without having any detrimental impact on the body.

What Is Different About Plexus Slim

Unlike most of the other weight loss drinks available in the market which are consumed in a form of a protein shake , the Plexus slim drink is a welcome change to the people as it is basically available in the form of a powder that can be simply mixed with water and consumed .

More over considering the fact that this drink has a good taste with a slight hint of a cherry flavor and needs to be taken just once a day, this drink is highly recommended by many satisfied users who do not find it difficult to incorporate the pink drink into their diet.

Why Is It Called the “Pink Drink”?

Owing to its pink color this drink is also popularly referred to as the slim pink drink. Another major reason that explains the popularity of the plexus slim drink is the fact that along with being an excellent product that triggers healthy weight loss, the pink drink is also beneficial for the overall improvement of health of the body.

Is Plexus Slim Safe?

This drink is extremely healthy and is even suitable for patients suffering from type 2 diabetes as it is made with stevia ( a sweetening agent) and hence is completely devoid of sugar.

Apart from its basic properties which foster weight loss, the pink drink is also great for health in the following ways. Firstly, it promotes a healthy level of cholesterol and blood sugar and also helps in reduction of oxidative stress which helps in eliminating the free radicals from the body.

Secondly the Plexus slim drink is also good for health as it is non stimulatory. , non-thermogenic , diabetic friendly and extremely safe which facilitates weight loss without having any negative impact on the body.

The major reason behind how the Plexus slim drink works can be attributed to its healthy ingredients like the chlorogenic acid and Oxypregnane Steroidal glycoside (OSG) which enable a completely healthy and natural weight loss procedure.

The details below will clearly explain how this is possible .

  • When a person consumes food, it directly leads to the increase in levels of blood sugar in the body which signals the brain that the body is full and hence the person stops eating as he feels his hunger has been satiated.
  • OSG works with a similar mechanism as its has a particular chemical structure which is interpreted by the brain as glucose.
  • Hence once OSG enters the body after the Plexus slim drink is being consumed, the brain senses its presence and triggers feelings of being full owing to which a person does not feel hungry and it prevents overeating and even binge eating.

This is why the Plexus slim drink is helpful in natural weight loss and hence one can understand its effectiveness and tremendous popularity among people.

Concluding this Plexus Slim Negative Review

Now after this detailed post, we come to the concluding question: Do I recommend it? My answer is a shocking NO!

Let me explain…

All these (what I call) gizmo products are fine for temporary weight loss, but if you really want to change your body for the long term, they do more harm than good. In fact, I myself lost over a 100lbs without any such drinks, pills or powders. I did it with sticking to the basics.

Eating correctly, (yes I did cheat, and I don’t consider it cheating at all!), I worked out regularly but not like a maniac and finally, I did some unique things like Yoga and breathing exercises.

The combined effect of the above was that I started dropping weight slowly and systematically… but permanently! And that is what you want!

Drinks and shakes like the plexus slim won’t help you in 2014, not anymore! You want thin? You work smart and with dedication. You don’t need anything else, no magic fixes and no “outside” help.

It’s all in you, you just have to decide.

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