“Plexus Slim Not Working For Me!” ← That Was Me in 2012!

First of all, let’s see what Plexus Slim does to your body


You might regret it later!

Before trying any product, it is necessary to find out what it does and how it works. It should be noted that what works for one person may not be suitable for another. Keeping this in mind, it is easy to decide whether a product is useful or not.

If it serves the purpose, then it is value for money. But if it does not, one can lose a lot more than just currency notes. Here are some brief and essential details about Plexus Slim, its function and how it actually works.

Plexus Slim was originally formulated as a health drink for people suffering from Type 2 diabetes. No one realized it would help with weight loss too. A few studies conducted later on showed that it really did help with weight loss.

The study had participants consume Plexus Slim for a certain period of time and they showed positive results. Even though the amount of weight loss varied from individual to individual, it still proved that the product served the purpose.

Plexus Slim

Observation No. 2

The second observation showed that it was useful in balancing blood sugar which solved a plethora of problems. Balancing blood sugar is useful for diabetic patients as well as for those who tend to feel weak due to activity. Imbalanced blood sugar prevents hormones from functioning normally.

So, just this one little problem can cause a lot of other problems, if ignored. Luckily, any problem with the blood sugar levels cannot be turned away for long. The body will get regular messages suggesting that something has to be done.

Low blood sugar can also cause severe headaches and make one lethargic. Hence a better and tastier version of Plexus Slim was formulated later on because since it solved more than one issue, it meant that it would have a larger consumer population.

A lot of people find it difficult to work out or go on strict diets. Plexus Slim has to be had before a meal, once a day, so that one cannot over eat.

Plexus Slim

This leads to a healthy and steady loss of weight because it doesn’t require starving oneself, eating only boiled food or just green vegetables. What one has to do is watch out for signals from the body. After having a glass of Plexus Slim, the person is usually full, so their meal is comparatively light. This is how it exactly works on the body to get rid of the excess weight. The claim that it burns fat is still questionable.

However a lot of people either are slow at catching signals from their body or they choose to ignore it and continue eating like before. For such people the product is a waste and its claim is naturally falsified.

Does it require giving up alcohol?

Many ask whether giving up alcohol during the program is necessary. Alcohol is absolutely fine if the person drinks moderately. But it is better to avoid alcohol completely is a much better option since it contains a lot of empty calories and can go against the program, making it pointless to consume Plexus Slim.

Now I have seen a lot of people complain Plexus Slim not working without a correct diet and I have to say that it correct to some point. Though dieting may not be necessary while on the course of Plexus Slim, people with a larger appetite need to be a little careful because if the drink has to serve its purpose, then there have to be a few changes here and there.

This just means a small change in lifestyle and food habits. While eating out, smaller meal portions are always helpful to reduce weight.

If it is a question of just a few pounds then one doesn’t have to be really very worried about such changes. Plexus Slim alone is good enough. People who feel the need to lose more that 20 to 40 pounds are expected to walk that extra mile. And literally too!

According to consumer reviews, the drink by itself only promotes weight loss by reducing hunger.

So if someone wants to lose oodles of weight, eating right and starting off with light exercises (short brisk walks are what most doctors suggest) is ideal.

Also unnecessary snacking and binging on high calorie food can be replaced with smaller meals every few hours. According to users this is of course, optional, but if one wants to get the best out of Plexus Slim, they must give the best of what they have.


So that’s that, if you wish to read my full detailed review with a lot of before after photos, my own experience, and what I did when I failed with this… go to my review page. The link is located on the right side of this page.

I’ll see you there. If you have any questions or comments or anything else, please do not hesitate to write them down below.

  • Vanessa says:

    Wow I have just read many comments from people and they said they gained weight after taking this. I gained several pounds after a week of trying the Slim drink. I will stop now- what a waste of money:(

  • Daniel says:

    This is not a weight loss supplement!!!! People need to stop selling it as a weight loss supplement. Weight loss is a side effect, it’s meant to regulate your metabolism and cleanse all the toxins in your body. It’s 99.9% natural.

  • Sue Roberts says:

    I have not lost weight. I am very discouraged as that is why I wanted to spend the money on it in the first place.

  • Tara says:

    How many pounds did you lose after using plexus for 1 month? and do you recommend using it for more than 1 month? I know the product is fairly expensive, and that might be a problem with using for more than 1 month.

    • Betty says:

      I lost none Tara! And let’s even forget the price for a minute, the real question is, how long can anyone keep taking an artificial concoction?

  • Sarah says:

    I also liked the original slim and accelerator. Once they changed BOTH, they stopped working. NOW i think ambassadors are experimental projects and would love to see them in a few months with the new Block. and after they stop taking it again. I was way up on the scale too and after March (which is when they changed the slim without mentioning it to their ambassadors) DANGEROUS! people started dropping like flies. I think it horrible how they lie to people, treat people that leave and how they like risking peoples lives. I know so many who had to have their gall bladders taken out since they started Plexus but no one wants to speak up. Shame on you Plexus Worldwide.

  • lane says:

    I quit selling Plexus approximately two months ago. I started taking plexus before they changed the formula in November/December 2013. The original formula worked and was awesome! However, after they changed it, I personally had no luck with any of the products which were formulated to assist with weight loss. In fact, I gained a considerable amount of weight on Boost. Also, my team kept coming to me asking what they needed to do differently or what to tell their customers to do differently. Sadly, drinking a ton of water and taking ProBio 5, BioCleanse, and XFactor along with Plexus Slim/accelerator+ or boost was no longer working for weight loss for the myself or the majority of my team. Not to mention, if you were taking all of the products it was quite expensive for most. Especially if they were not seeing results. My clients who had blood sugar issues and high cholesterol did not see changes with the new formula either. What I will say is I love the ProBio5 and BioCleanse. , but I can purchase a good probiotic and cleanse at Deug Emporium for much less. After much consideration, I decided honesty was best. I could not continue to sell a product advertising weight loss when it was no longer working for the majority of my team. Note, my team at one time was quite large. During summertime, my team started to diminish quickly. I am not saying some are not having luck with it, but I will say from my experience along with my team, it does not work like it once did. I LOVED the original formula and wish they still had it. My advice to you: If you opt to try it, I highly recommend for you to purchase the week trial for $29.95 rather than investing more money in a month trial. This will give you the opportunity to see if you are one of the lucky ones the new formula works on. If it does, great! Then you will feel better about investing your money in a month supply, but if it does not you have not wasted your money on a month supply.

  • Bill says:

    I’ve been trying the Slim for a little over two months, and unfortunately it has done nothing for me. I work out a lot, but still eat too much, so while sceptical I was hopeful. Unfortunately my experience with Plexus is similar to other MLM’s I’ve researched in the past.

  • Whitney says:

    I just got my Plexus Slim & Boost in the mail and I’m super excited about starting it. Can someone help me out and tell me when to take each one?

  • Nathan says:

    My cousin is interested in losing weight. Her friend mentioned plexus slim. However, I have no computer so I cant find too much information. I want to know what it is, how it works.

  • Scindia says:

    I wanted to know if it would be okay for someone my weight and age to start taking these. I’m 19 and weight 125 lb. I’m not over weight at all but I have love handles, really big thighs, and a big butt I want to lose. I want to know if it works and would it be okay for me to take. I want something to curve my appetite and will help when I work out.

  • Leonardo says:

    Does Plexus slim really work? I’ve gained some weight because of my birth control and I’ve been trying to loose it again. But I need help. Just need to know if this really works or not
    also my husband wants to try this..does it work for men too?

    • Rachael says:

      Hi there,
      If you are 19 and 125. Please please please. Start clean eating and learn what work outs work best for you! Lift weights become strong and keep at it ALL your life. Make diet aND working out your way of life. So in 10 years your not trying to lose 50,60,70 lbs! Good luck girl you can do it!

  • Celina says:

    I am getting married and am looking into making a little extra money…I could also stand to lose a few pounds for the big day! My question is, is it worth it selling it? Do you make anything and does the product work? I’ve done a good bit of research but I want to hear honest opinions about this :)

  • Bobby says:

    I am starting the Plexus Slim drink and the accelerator pills and I was wondering when is the best time to take these two? or how should I take them.

  • Kristian says:

    I’m kind of undecisive as to which I would rather use. I’ve heard great things about both and cost isn’t a huge issue, I just want to know from your personal experience which one you would prefer. How long did you take them for and how much weight did you lose?

  • Afreen says:

    I’ve used Plexus Slim once before about 2 years ago. I did the 7 day trial pack, and in that 7 days I lost 10lbs. (I KNOW IT’S UNHEALTHY TO LOSE THAT MUCH WEIGHT)
    I am curious to know who all has tried and had success with Plexus Slim, and what ways they find very effective in their weight loss journey using the Plexus.

  • Kevin says:

    I’m 18 I weigh 169lbs I don’t look like I weigh this much but I do:/ I’m very focused on losing weight before this summer and I just bought a 60day package of plexus slim and the accelerator. Iv only been on it for almost a week but I really would like to know some results from somebody my size cause I know the bigger you are the easier the weight falls off. I don’t exercise very often I take care of an elderly man 24/7 so I move around a lot. I don’t eat very health but not very much. And I’m a severe asthmatic so hardcore exercise would only kill me lol so some pointer would be amazing if possible!

  • Jeffery Carlson says:

    I am taking Plexus Slim and accelerator, but not seeing results, and not feeling any extra energy… should I start taking 2 accelerator pills?

  • Cookie says:

    I saw this ad for plexus slim and people say they have been losing up to 15lbs a month. How well this product works or is it just another scamful diet pill?

    • JB says:

      I’ve been on Plexus Slim and 1 Accelerator+ pill every day for the past 5 weeks and I am very disappointed. I started out using the the 7 day trial pack and originally lost four pounds in the first three days, so I bought the 30 day package with the Accelerator+.

      Three weeks into it, my clothes started feeling tighter, so I weighed in and retook my measurements. I had gained an inch around my stomach, hips and thighs. An inch in my biceps and three quarters of an inch on both calves. No inches lost but many inches gained as well as gaining back the original four pounds I had lost, plus one. I have been faithfully drinking half my body weight in ounces of water each day, following the instructions to the letter.

      I have not experienced any surge in energy as so many others have said they have experienced and I am not sleeping well. I added the ProBio5 in the past week and have not noticed any changes after that either.

      I’ve seen so many before and after photos of people who say they have lost weight, but to be honest, in the majority of those photos, the people look pretty much the same, the only difference being they are dressed better, paying more attention to their posture and have their hair and makeup done.

      The ones who have posted photos of major results of weight loss and inches lost also confess that they have stopped drinking sodas, cut out fast food and some have begun an exercise routine, some have run 5K’s and are drinking more water. All of that you can do without Plexus Slim and would naturally see some weight loss. As the old saying goes, “If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is.”

  • Steve says:

    I’ve Been On Plexus Slim For Several days now And I’m Feeling A Bit Discouraged After Hearing Others Stories. I’ve Actually GainedA Pound and Am Feeling Very Tired And Weak. I Do Take 2 Accelerators Along With The Drink. Am I Just Expecting Too Much On Such short Notice? Please help!!

  • Amy says:

    It seems a little exspensive……has anybody tried this stuff??

  • Patrick says:

    Has anyone used it?? I see so many ppl online losing 70 pounds in 6-10 months and I was just wondering if its worth the money because it’s $114 for a 30 day supply. Thanks :)

  • Preetha says:

    I Want to try Plexus Slim, But I’m not Sure If Its Just A Scam Or If People Are Actually Having Good Results. Any Advise Would Be Great. Thanks!!

    • Kendra Hill says:

      I’ve been taking plexus for a month and a half and I’ve actually gained 15 pounds! I’m bloated and I’ve been walking 3 miles a day and watching what I eat. When my products run out I’m quitting!

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