Plexus Slim Reviews – 2014 (almost 2015 now) and Beyond…

No, I am NOT a Plexus ambassador, so fortunately, on this page, you WILL NOT find a pitch to get you to “contact me for more info”!

It’s ridiculous! The whole Plexus Slim products and their MLM scheme.

And it’s 2014 for crying out loud, by now, someone should have exposed them by now. But the number of Plexus “ambassadors” versus true bloggers is much skewed. That’s why you do not see any true reviews unless you hunt for hours.

Well, better late than never, so let us start by unearthing some of the ugly facts of this product and company.

What is Plexus Worldwide?

Plexus Worldwide is a company formed by a guy called David Brown. Originally, the company' aim was to create products for the type II diabetics out there, to help them reduce blood sugar and reduce their dependency on insulin.

But when they realized that some ingenuous folks were experimenting with their products and using it to lose weight, they suddenly found out that the "weight loss market" was worth billions more than the diabetics market!

And lo and behold, they shifted their entire product line to target the obese folks! Now they won't even talk about diabetes on their website, or in their promotional material.

Shady? You decide.

What is Plexus Slim?

plexus slim review 2014 Plexus Slim is the company's flagship product, a powder that you mix with water to create the (in)famous "pink drink" that's supposed to curb your appetite and bring about dozens of other changes in your body.

Almost sounds like a miracle drink, nah?

It’s not, sorry for spoiling your dream.

Plexus Slim is just a concoction of various ingredients which are speculated to help in losing weight.

There's no scientific proof behind any of the ingredients. The only "clinical studies" ever done are by the company itself! :S

Why Is Plexus Slim Dangerous?

Plexus Slim contains some ingredients that have been proven to be extremely dangerous in the long run.

Of great concern is the amount of chromium used in the pills. Chromium is a chemical that is often used to lower blood sugar.

Although a lower blood sugar level often translates to an increased rate of metabolism, it also means a less energetic person. Some of the people taking plexus have found that their energy is greatly reduced, and while they may attribute this to the smaller portions of food, it is caused by the high chromium portions in the pills.

Another dangerous thing is "natural flavors". That's all they state, no details of what flavors, in what quantity whatsoever.

I don't know about you, but I am not for putting these in my body. We ingest enough GMO foods these days to add to it…

Another extremely popular ingredient is "Citrin K"

What? You haven't heard about it? Of course you have!

Just that it's called Garcinia Cambogia! Oh the scams of this product have literally reached every household in the USA.

But, apart from all the hype, scientific studies have shown complete mixed results, all anyone can say is maybe the stuff works and maybe it doesn’t work at all. Or more simply said, correlation does not imply causation.

On a scarier note, we DO NOT currently know what the long term effects of this stuff are. What I get from that is - your body doesn't need it

Major Problems with Plexus Slim

The drug has been known in extreme cases to causes intestinal and digestive problems such as severe constipation.

Some of the users have developed issues ranging from problems digesting specific foods, to extreme cases where a complete shutdown of the digestive tract occurred. Other problems include chronic diarrhea, which is reported by an increasing number of users with excess gas and increased dehydration.

Although many of the symptoms may seem manageable and not "serious", continued exposure could lead to more serious problems and in fact result in chronic illnesses.

Disadvantage of Plexus Slim

Unlike majority of the slimming shakes in the market, Plexus slim has been known to be extremely addictive. And that's because of the caffeine content in it.

typical withdrawal symptoms

Although scientific research has not been done to determine what exactly causes the pink drink to be extremely addictive, although caffeine seems most likely, some users have reported extreme withdrawal symptoms and other problems, being unable to stop the use of the shake.

Even after the results have been noted, perhaps because of the low blood sugar levels, extreme inertia or any other condition developed, individuals find that whereas they may want to stop taking the drug they simply cannot.

Furthermore, for those who actually succeed in stopping the use of the shake, the results (and those are rare!) experienced during the periods they were taking the drink are more often than not nullified.

Weight gain is almost imminent once you stop the shake, perhaps even greater and much harder to control once you stop Plexus Slim.

Plexus Slim claims to provide an easy and convenient way for people to lose weight, however, the consequences are not only harmful to your health but could in fact lead to severe chronic health problems.

All in all, if you ask me, I would say that it is better for one to stay away from such “solutions” to get fitter and lose weight.

I highly recommend reading my in-depth review on this site, where I also tell you some fantastic alternatives, free and paid. :)

All my regular blog readers know that I myself lost over 60 pounds without the 'help' of any Plexus products. And that is one of the major reasons I am still able to keep my weight off!

All these shakes will woo you like there's no tomorrow, but once you stop taking them, it’s back to square one.

It’s like you have to get addicted to them if you want to “stay fit”… isn’t that too clever?

Just think how much the parent company will earn from people like you who are completely dependent on it. Millions? Nope… billions!

A Ray Of Hope

It's 2014, and I don't see any honest Plexus Slim reviews even though the company's been around for years.

That's why I specifically titled this page: Plexus Slim Reviews 2014.

Now, before you leave, what if I tell you that you can stay away from all such products and reduce your belly fat by natural methods, something which won’t keep you addicted?

Worth a million? Definitely.

So listen to me, Betty Hartley, and don’t ingest such outright dangerous things in your body, especially when you don't know how much/what goes in them.

Also, you can read my detailed review of Plexus Slim where at the end I give you a GREAT ALTERNATIVE to Plexus Slim, accelerator or any other product by this company.

If you have any questions, shoot them below. :)

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  1. Thank you for this review!! I started plexus and OH it was amazing!!!

    The change in me was fabulous. Then guess what? They changed the product. Not once but many times. They were not honest at all about the changes. They are a shady company and they hurt people.

    I built a team of 10 , not one of us lost weight in 12 months. Then for a year and a half after I was SO sick. My digestive system was screwed up bad. it took 3 years and a lot of tests to figure it out. I have tried to warn people but It is hard.

  2. My neighbor is a Plexus ambassador and very high up in the company.

    Tried numerous times to get me to try the product.

    Wanting to support her business I decided to give it a try. I first tried the pink Drink and immediately after drinking it I felt I did not feel right at all has anxiety increased heart rate and nausea of course I would never take this again. When she wanted to know what you thought I told her the truth she tried convincing me a nurse that I was just getting the bad things out of my body.

    Why do people think they have to feel horrible to be getting better… I’m sorry but you need to listen to your body and do not take things that make you feel horrible. Needless to say since then our relationship has went downhill. Because I do not take plexus she has ruled me out of her life.

    Also none of these ambassadors have any training whatsoever in the medical field and it is very scary that they are telling people that all of this stuff is perfectly fine to take with any medication or if you have any underlying illness or disease. The sad thing is 3 months after her very good friend started the plexus journey she was found dead at the age of 38… her response was that she was starting to get so much better…. she was starting to lose weight plexus was helping her.

    Her family blames plexus and so do I.

    But there is little that they can do to prove as the autopsy showed inconclusive. I’m sorry but you just don’t die at that age 3 months after starting supplements! WAKE UP PEOPLE! IT’S TIME TO GET EDUCATED!

    Oh and our other neighbor directly down the street started plexus a couple years ago under her and she is diagnosed with stage 4 rectal cancer at age 41! Could it be related? The world will never know and it’s horrible…

  3. I made a big mistake when I decided to use Plexus Slim. After 3 weeks, I could no longer hold my urine. I consulted with my naturopath who told me that the chlorigenic acid can cause bladder damage.

    It took a full 2 months of flushing with water to get it out of my system and get my bladder operating.

    It is still not at 100%. If you want to risk damaging your bladder (think about depends….that’s what I had to use) to lose weight easily, go for it.

    Just know that the risk is there and your Plexus salesperson is not going to warn you. Neither is Plexus Worldwide. They know the risks but they are making too much money to care.

  4. These products are horrific. Im 19 and struggle from an autoimmune disease.

    I started these products thinking they could give me more energy, reduce my inflammation, and cleanse my body of toxins.

    The salesman said they were all natural and wouldn’t interfere with other medications. But what the ambassador didn’t tell me was that it would lower my blood sugar drastically which caused even more fatigue, sugar cravings, pale gums, nightmares, and depression like symptoms.

    It should be a crime to market products under false pretenses to somebody who is already ill. Shame on them.

  5. I didn’t lose one pound on plexus. So I didn’t gain any when I stopped. I took it over a year. The pink drink. Now I have inflammation of the stomach and gastritis. I did not find it to be addictive at all nor did it control cravings.

  6. Like any of the “supplements” out there, they promise miracles. No one wants to do the work required to be healthy and fit. Ingesting unknowns into your body is not the answer. Any diet that requires you to eliminate food from it will not work, you cannot drink supplements forever and you have to get back to eating. Try this – free advice. Eat foods with no more than 3 ingredients – that means cut out processed foods. Cook clean, healthy meals which you eat in specified portions and move your body. Without any scientific, lab rat analysis, I guarantee, without a doubt you will lose weight, feel better and be stronger, healthier and more energized. But, don’t take my word for it, try it for 3 weeks and see the results for yourself. Then, keep it up forever. You are welcome!

  7. I’m thoroughly enjoying reading this… I could have all the reasons to start taking this product, mother of 4 with an infant of 5 months that doesn’t sleep through the night. I have very little energy.

    I also have a 6 years daughter with serious bowels problems. I don’t know that much of the product, but I don’t need to. I have seen friends on Facebook going crazy. For what I have observe, I can say it is addictive, these gals starter to acted crazy, from being shy people to go all loud and about this Plexus pink juice that heals all your body and fix all your problem in life.

    The ingredients claimed to be all natural, and maybe that’s right, but so are Marijuana, Poppy seeds and even Cocaine (although some of these require cooking).

    Thank you Betty for posting this, love the question you made: how long are you planning to use this product? Yes, it might help you boost your energy and get the things in your body to work properly, but same thing are doing the steroids my daughter is taking, but when she stopped the treatment she goes back to where she were.

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