Plexus Slim Review 2014 – Dangerous. That’s What This Is!

Plexus Slim Reviews – Now UPDATED for 2018…

No, I am NOT a Plexus ambassador, so fortunately, on this page, you WILL NOT find a pitch so you can “contact me for more info”!

It’s ridiculous! The whole Plexus Slim products and their MLM scheme.

And it’s 2018 for crying out loud, by now, someone should have exposed them. But the number of Plexus “ambassadors” versus true bloggers is highly skewed. That’s why you do not see any true reviews unless you hunt for hours.

Well, better late than never, so let us start by unearthing some of the ugly facts of this product and company.

What is Plexus Worldwide?

Plexus Worldwide is a company formed by a guy called David Brown. Originally, the company’ aim was to create products for the type II diabetics out there, to help them reduce blood sugar and reduce their dependency on insulin.

But when they realized that some ingenuous folks were experimenting with their products and using it to lose weight, they suddenly found out that the “weight loss market” was worth pretty much thousand times more than the diabetes market!

And lo and behold, they shifted their entire product line to target the obese folks! Now they won’t even talk about diabetes on their website, or in their promotional material.

Shady? You decide.

What is Plexus Slim?

plexus slim review 2014
Plexus Slim is the company’s flagship product, a powder that you mix with water to create the (in)famous “pink drink” that’s supposed to curb your appetite and bring about dozens of other changes in your body.

Almost sounds like a miracle drink, nah?

It’s not, sorry for spoiling your dream.

Plexus Slim is just a concoction of various ingredients which are speculated to help in losing weight.

There’s no scientific proof behind any of the ingredients individually. The only “clinical studies” ever done are by the company itself! :S

Why Is Plexus Slim Dangerous?

Plexus Slim contains some ingredients that have been proven to be extremely dangerous in the long run.

Of great concern is the amount of chromium used in the pills. Chromium is a chemical that is often used to lower blood sugar.

Although a lower blood sugar level often translates to an increased rate of metabolism, it also means a less energetic person. Some of the people taking plexus have found that their energy is greatly reduced, and while they may attribute this to the smaller portions of food, it is caused by the high chromium portions in the pills.

Another dangerous thing is “natural flavors”. That’s all they state, no details of what flavors, in what quantity, whatsoever.

I don’t know about you, but I am not putting these in my body. We ingest enough GMO foods these days to add some flavors on top.

Another extremely popular ingredient is “Citrin K”.

What? You haven’t heard about it? Of course you have!

Just that it’s called Garcinia Cambogia commercially! Garcinia scams have literally reached every household in the entire country.

But, apart from all the hype, scientific studies have shown complete mixed results, all anyone can say is “maybe the stuff works”, but for all real world probability, it doesn’t work at all. Or more simply said, correlation does not imply causation.

On a scarier note, we DO NOT currently know what the long term effects of this stuff are. What I get from that is – your body doesn’t need it

Major Problems with Plexus Slim

The drug has been known in extreme cases to causes intestinal and digestive problems such as severe constipation, nausea, vomiting (see the comments section below).

Some of the users have developed issues ranging from problems digesting specific foods, to extreme cases where a complete shutdown of the digestive tract occurred. Other problems include chronic diarrhea, which is reported by an increasing number of users with excess gas and increased dehydration.

Although many of the symptoms may seem manageable and not “serious”, continued exposure could lead to more serious problems and in fact may result in chronic illnesses.

Disadvantage of Plexus Slim

Unlike majority of the slimming shakes in the market, Plexus slim has been known to be extremely addictive. And that’s because of the caffeine content in it.

typical withdrawal symptoms

Although scientific research has not been done to determine what exactly causes the pink drink to be extremely addictive, although caffeine seems most likely, some users have reported extreme withdrawal symptoms and other problems, being unable to stop the use of the shake.

Even after the results have been noted, perhaps because of the low blood sugar levels, extreme inertia or any other condition developed, individuals find that whereas they may want to stop taking the drug they simply cannot.

Furthermore, for those who actually succeed in stopping the use of the shake, the results (and those are rare!) experienced during the periods they were taking the drink are more often than not nullified.

Weight gain is almost imminent once you stop the shake, perhaps even greater and much harder to control once you stop Plexus Slim.

Plexus Slim claims to provide an easy and convenient way for people to lose weight, however, the consequences are not only harmful to your health but could in fact lead to severe chronic health problems.

All in all, if you ask me, I would say that it is better for one to stay away from such “solutions” to get fitter and lose weight.

I highly recommend reading my in-depth review on this site, where I also tell you some fantastic alternatives, free and paid. :)

All my regular blog readers know that I myself lost over 60 pounds without the ‘help’ of any Plexus products. And that is one of the major reasons I am still able to keep my weight off!

All these shakes will woo you like there’s no tomorrow, but once you stop taking them, it’s back to square one.

It’s like you have to get addicted to them if you want to “stay fit”… isn’t that too clever?

Just think how much the parent company will earn from people like you who are completely dependent on it. Millions? Nope… billions!

A Ray Of Hope

It’s 2018, and I don’t see any honest Plexus Slim reviews even though the company’s been around for years.

That’s why I specifically titled this page: Plexus Slim Reviews 2014 (can’t believe it’s 2018 now and the page still holds true!).

Now, before you leave, what if I tell you that you can stay away from all such products and reduce your belly fat by natural methods, something which won’t keep you addicted?

Worth a million? Definitely.

So listen to me, Betty Hartley, and don’t ingest such outright dangerous things in your body, especially when you don’t know how much/what goes in them.

Also, you can read my detailed review of Plexus Slim where at the end I give you a GREAT ALTERNATIVE to Plexus Slim, the accelerator or any other product by this company.

If you have any questions, shoot them below. :)

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  • Amanda Monteith says:

    I have to say I found your blog good to give me things to think about however, I lived with chronic fatigue for 10 years due to colitis. I had to take a small stimulant from my physician to even get by. The pink drink saved me. I can’t tell you how much value it has added to my life and I believe it to be healthier than the stimulant medication I had to be on :( I don’t sell it YET…but I probably will start bc it has helped me so much ….

    • Betty says:

      If it worked for you Amanda, great, no one is stopping you. Just like it helped you and you’re gonna start selling it, I had a horrible experience which I posted here. To each his own.

  • Belinda says:

    I used plexus for a year and lost 45 lbs. went from a size 12-14 woman’s to a size 5-7 juniors.

    I gradually stopped taking it and was fine for about 6 months. (Plexus did help me kick a bad sofa habit) Now all the weight has come back in a year and a half and I can’t get it off, even tried plexus again with no effect. Further more I am now border line type II diabetic and diagnosed with beginning stages of non alcoholic fatty liver disease.

    I think because the weight came back so fast? I came over this article because I googled if plexus can raise your blood pressure… mine was up when taking it (even after the weight loss) then went down when I wasn’t taking plexus (even with the weight gain) now since I started taking it again it is back up.

    I was trying to research to see if it might be the plexus or just a coincidence. I didn’t take the accelerator except the first few months the first time, they then changed the formula bc some countries said it wasn’t safe. Funny thing I had a negative reaction to the newer safer version so I just stopped taking the accelerator and just stuck with the pink drink which is all I reintroduced now.

    I did get headaches when I stopped before, I recognized it was the caffeine so I tapered off and introduced different caffeine, tea, occasional soda if I had a really bad headache (I’m not a coffee drinker) and then tapered it off too.

    What to do now???

    • Betty says:

      THIS is what happens people! Like I always say – losing weight is easy, keeping it off is a bi&&#…

      Belinda, all I’ll say to you now is forget all the drinks, shakes and pills, and start focusing on your daily habits. I cannot help much over here in the comments, but what you can do is what I did! Follow my steps (see at the end of the post), yes it WILL take time (it has to!), but I promise you that you will see results that not only last, but also give you many good side-effects! (How about energy++, sleep++, mental clarity++ and of course weight loss++!)

  • TKO says:

    I’ve been taking Slim for two weeks, and have been progressively feeling worse and worse every day. Feeling very tired, huge headaches by the end of the day, dehydrated, and overall not well at all. I had my thyroid removed in 2016 and rely on Synthroid to keep me alive.

    Turns out there are two main ingredients in Slim– a massive amount of Chromium, and Alpha Lipoic Acid.

    Chromium is clinically proven to hinder the absorption of Synthroid and Alpha Lipoic Acid is clinically proven to disrupt the conversion of T4 into T3.

    So essentially I’ve been cancelling out my Synthroid every day for two weeks. My ‘ambassador’ friend, who I’ve known since high school, kept saying it was just my body going through detox.

    Yeah, no, that’s my body slowly dying because it’s being starved of thyroid hormone!! Even after telling her about the interaction, she said it might be ok if I just take it later in the day, or maybe just take 1/4 packet.

    Uh, NO!! That’s crossing the line…

  • June Hutcherson says:

    can it cause cancer

    • Betty says:

      Though I am not a great fan of it, I am sure the ingredients probably wouldn’t cause any life threatening diseases, but then again, be safe.

      Also check out the main review page for some really nasty experiences people have had…

  • Leana says:

    Sadly, I fell for the hype and took Plexus for just over a month. I was a borderline T2 Diebetic with a A1c of 6.7 when I started. I was hoping to decrease that with a healthy lifestyle and Plexus. Almost immediately my blood sugar went up but I hoped that it was just part of the detox and kept on it for a month. When I couldn’t handle to high blood sugar anymore I quit. My A1c was then at 8.3! I am now a drug dependant Diebetic. Be very cautious of this stuff!

  • Lauren says:

    There’s a former teacher selling this stuff and apparently now an ambassador. She brags how plexus helped her oldest son with his ACT scores. Last night she post this same sons skin & eyes turning yellow, has anyone heard of this happening?
    Several of us have an issue with her pushing this on parents for their children’s health and education.
    Is this recommended for children?

  • Marietta says:

    If it’s so bad why does MY DR and holistic naturalists recommend the well as pharmaceutical Drs? Just curious. It’s not for everyone I agree

    • Shelseyb says:

      The only naturopaths or health professionals that recommend this are plexus ambassadors

    • Rae says:

      Thats interesting. send your Doc the info so that we can see if this is true. I have been researching these products for over a year now through doctors and hospitals and all that…

      … and after thousands of contacts I have yet to find any doctor or holistic shop that will suggest plexus or stand by it!

      • Betty says:

        Exactly Rae!

        They’ll mention “hundreds” of Doctors are supporting this… without even mentioned a real one…

        Sorry, too good to be true… health cannot be packed in a shake/powder/bottle/pill/etc. …

  • Don Huffman says:

    Interesting article. Been using Plexus for 3 years, haven’t really lost any weight, but have slowed down my sugar intake. However, I do not seem to have the regular bowel movements I was accustomed to. Maybe using Plexus for 3 years has changed my digestive system that much. Hmm?

  • TJones says:

    I tried plexus one time and ended up in the hospital with extreme dehydration— the medical professions called poison control and said that plexus is not regulated and not recommended to take. This product is dangerous and the company is extremely pushing on selling their “die” concept…. which I almost did.
    Sad that you can sell a non regulated product for people to consume and become a health risk. Not one life should be in a risk. Thank you for creating this website for honest reviews to be written.
    I tried to leave a review on plexus site and they have very few positive reviews with no negative reviews. I figured out why… because they only accept a positive review. That is Wrong in every way. Means the reviews mean nothing!

  • Sherry says:

    My sister convinced me to try Plexus and the Accelerator. The first morning I started getting the shakes and a racing heart. My the third day I had congestive heart failure and pulmonary edema. The heart failure is permanent and I now have pulmonary hypertension along with the heart failure.

  • Tanya Stiles says:

    I was on Plexus Probiotics and slim, and I went off as I really did not notice any benefits, and ever since, I have been battling chronic Candida’s infection. I truly believe that this created this issue.

    The doctors are dumfounded and have yet to figure out how to get rid of it. I have tried alternative cures, which I obtained at our local health food store(The Heritage) and have had no luck with them either.
    I am becoming very depressed and scared.
    Have you heard this from anyone else? Please advise?

  • Avery says:

    I used plexus the original formula. It’s been changed 3 times now. It helped me a great deal. They changed it because they had to. I had a team and none of us lost weight. The company is like a cult. They said drink more water. So I did. I was using all of their products. A year later I stopped. Since then I have to take a daily migraine pill. Or else I will have a migraine. I spent a year with a digestive specialist. It’s a horrible company. They have changed their legal name too many times. Stay away from them.

  • Lynn says:

    I started taking Plexus after my girlfriend offered it to me and sang it praises. I immediately felt bloated and nauseous. I continued to drink the pink drink thinking it would subside with time. However, it did not and I started having palpitation a few weeks later. I made an appointment with my physician thinking I had damaged my heart. He told me to immediately stop using Plexus. He further stated it’s not healthy and recommended I take a refrigerated live probiotic and eat more fiber for constipation and gut health. For weight loss he said smaller portions, eat healthier, and more exercise. I would not recommend this product.

  • Bernadette says:

    So I have been taking plexus slim, probio5 and the accelerator since about the middle of august. dont get me wrong i have lost 6 pounds since i started taking it. i have also ended up in the hospital twice since taking these products with nausea and acid pains and stomach pains.

    They cant find anything in my blood or urine test and want em to go to a GI Specialist. it is a complete mystery as to why I have been like this.

    I was talking to one of my best friends and she said you know you have been complaining that you dont feel that well since around the end of august and you have been taking plexus since then. i put two and two together and i have since stopped taking it and its been two days and i feel like almost normal again what ever that is.

    No more feeling nausea when i go to eat no more acid rumbling around in my belly no more feeling like i am going to puke after i eat. i will be a better healthier person with out plexus!!

  • Pamela Parks says:

    Plexus slim made my head fuzzy until I fainted and had to be carried off.

  • >