Plexus Slim Review 2014 – Dangerous. That’s What This Is!

Plexus Slim Reviews (UPDATED May 2018)

First of all, NO, I am NOT a Plexus ambassador.

So fortunately, on this page, you WILL NOT find a pitch so you can “contact me for more info”!

It’s ridiculous!

The whole Plexus Slim products and their MLM scheme.

And it’s 2018 for crying out loud. By now, someone should have exposed them.

But the number of Plexus “ambassadors” versus people who had horrid experience with it is highly skewed. That’s why you do not see any true reviews unless you hunt for hours.

Well, better late than never, so let us start by unearthing some of the ugly facts of this product and company.

What is Plexus Worldwide?

Plexus Worldwide is a company formed by a guy called David Brown. Originally, the company’ aim was to create products for the type II diabetics out there, to help them reduce blood sugar and reduce their dependency on insulin.

But when they realized that some ingenuous folks were experimenting with their products and using it to lose weight, they suddenly found out that the “weight loss market” was probably worth pretty much thousand times more than the diabetes market!

And lo and behold, they shifted their entire product line to target the obese folks!

Now they won’t even talk about diabetes on their website, or in their promotional material.

Shady? You decide.

What is Plexus Slim?

Plexus Slim is the company’s flagship product, a powder that you mix with water to create the (in)famous “pink drink” that’s supposed to curb your appetite and bring about dozens of other changes in your body.

Almost sounds like a miracle drink, nah?

It’s not, sorry for shattering the hope.

Plexus Slim is just a concoction of various ingredients which are speculated to help in losing weight.

There’s no unrefutable scientific proof behind any of the ingredients individually. The only “clinical studies” ever done are by the company itself! :S

Why Is Plexus Slim Dangerous?

Plexus Slim contains some ingredients that have been proven to be extremely dangerous in the long run.

Of great concern is the amount of chromium used in the pills. Chromium is a chemical that is often used to lower blood sugar.

Although a lower blood sugar level often translates to an increased rate of metabolism, it also means a less energetic person.

Some of the people taking plexus have found that their energy is greatly reduced, and while they may attribute this to the smaller portions of food, it is caused by the high chromium portion in the pills.

Another popular ingredient is “Citrin K”.

What? Never heard about it? 

Of course you have!

Just that it’s called "Garcinia Cambogia" commercially. Garcinia scams have literally reached every household in the entire country (and moving fast to the rest of the world).

But, apart from all the hype, scientific studies have shown mixed results, all anyone can say is “MAYBE the stuff works”.

But in the real world, it hasn't shown any significant results. Or more simply - correlation does not imply causation.

On a scarier note, we DO NOT currently know what the long term effects of this stuff are. What I get from that is – your body doesn’t need it.

Major Problems with Plexus Slim

The drug has been known in extreme cases to causes intestinal and digestive problems such as severe constipation, nausea, vomiting (see the comments section below or see over 375+ comments here, some women have experienced horrendous side effects.).

Some of the users have developed issues ranging from problems digesting specific foods, to extreme cases where a complete shutdown of the digestive tract occurred.

Other problems include chronic diarrhea, which is reported by an increasing number of users with excess gas and increased dehydration.

Although many of the symptoms may seem manageable and not “serious”, continued exposure could lead to more serious problems and in fact may result in chronic illnesses.

Disadvantage of Plexus Slim

Unlike majority of the slimming shakes in the market, Plexus slim has been known to be extremely addictive. And that’s because of the caffeine content in it.

Although scientific research has not been done to determine what exactly causes the pink drink to be extremely addictive, although caffeine seems most likely, some users have reported extreme withdrawal symptoms and other problems, being almost unable to stop its use.

Furthermore, for those who actually succeed in stopping the use of the shake, the results (and those are rare) experienced during the periods they were taking the drink are more often than not nullified.

Weight gain is almost imminent once you stop, perhaps even greater and much harder to control once you stop Plexus Slim.

All in all, if you ask me, I would say that it is better to stay away from such “solutions” to get fitter, improve health or lose weight.

All my regular blog readers know that I myself lost over 62+ pounds without the ‘help’ of any Plexus products. And that is one of the major reasons I am still able to keep my weight off!

All these shakes will woo you like there’s no tomorrow, but once you stop taking them, it’s back to square one.

It’s like you have to get addicted to them if you want to “stay fit”… witty, isn't it?

Just think how much the company will earn from people like you who are completely dependent on it. Millions? Nope… more like billions!

Conclusion & A Ray Of Hope

It’s 2018, and I don’t see any honest Plexus Slim reviews even though the company’s been around for years.

That’s why I specifically titled this page: Plexus Slim Reviews 2014 (can’t believe it’s 2018 now and the page still holds true!).

Now, before you leave, what if I tell you...

- That you can improve your health, reduce a lot of your weight by adopting a few key habits...

- That you can keep the weight off, permanently, without depending on these shakes or some other pill.

Worth a million? Definitely.

So here's what you can do...

Back in 2008-09, after my second pregnancy, I gained a lot of weight, A LOT.

And like most of us here, I took the route all of us take with diet programs, spine breaking workouts, fat burner pills, and even tried one of those "ab gadgets".

A few things helped, but for a while, eventually failing and bringing me back to where I was.

I think almost 3 years of my life went like this!

And no, I didn’t suddenly stumble upon some “secret” (FYI there isn’t one).

Instead, in these 3 years, I learned (through a lot of failures) some of the MOST important behavior factors responsible for not only weight loss, but better health, a better mindset, more energy, and well, a better life.

Yep it sounds totally clichéd, but it is what it is. Discovering these simple (and free) things almost turned my entire life around.

It led me to Precision Nutrition where I completed their intensive Level 1 course, it led me to become a health coach, and it led me to become a mentor for so many women seeking to lose weight but having no idea (or confused with MANY ideas!) about losing their weight.

In fact, most of the women on this very page have mailed me saying:

  • 1
    They have tried many diets just like me.
  • 2
    Or have tried workout programs, belts, and even some shady gadgets.
  • 3
    Some women who mail me actually suffer from serious issues like depression and anxiety attacks (and all because of their weight!).
  • 4
    And yet there are those who have are so overwhelmed they don't even have a clue where to really begin.

And that led me to write down the EXACT steps I took back then (some were downright crazy!)... 

So my suggestion to you is

  • If you are currently considering Plexus Slim (or any similar) product to lose weight.
  • Or if you have ‘been there and tried everything’ like me…
  • If you can’t do all those back breaking YouTube workouts...
  • And if you simply wish to get some REAL, what I call, “non-diet” and “non-workout” guidance…

Then COPY what I did ... the exact steps that changed me from this...

To this (62lb lighter)...

  • I have written the 3 simple things I did, the exact 3 steps I took...
  • I share it with everyone who seeks them here. No charge, no nonsense. This is my way of ‘giving back’ to my community. :)
  • The first step is behavioral (more of a realization), the second step is internal (it's something that sabotages us even when we do everything else right), and the third is a practical one you can start applying immediately in your life.
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  • Alena says:

    I saw that Plexus was suppose to help with your sleeping habits and would give you energy, so I bought it for my Mom who has troubles sleeping and depends on coffee just to get through her day. I was some-what weary of the product as almost all reviews came from people selling it and I couldn’t find reliable reviews from non plexus sellers so I decided I’d test Plexus before having my mom use it, I purchased Plexus Slim and only tried it for 2 days.

    The first day, after drinking the pink solution (which is suppose to be yummy and taste like a lollypop, actually tastes bad and made me want to gag) I had immediate heartburn and started to feel dizzy and nauseous. My brother tried some and found it to have a similar effect on him.

    Day two: I woke up and decided to try it in the morning before breakfast. Yet again, after finishing my drink, I started to feel sick to my stomach and the heart burn returned, I also started to feel shaky. I went about my usual morning routine and 20 minutes had passed when I got the pressing urge to dart to the bathroom. I started having violent diarrhea and eventually threw up the pink drink. The rest of my day consisted of bathroom stops and horrible stomach aches.

    I will not be continuing and have already contacted the company requesting a refund. I hope they get back to me soon but haven’t received reply yet.

  • Crystal Kitchen says:

    Of course your body is going to have symptoms of withdrawal, dare I say Duh?!?! You are giving your body “good things”, it has been through a detox, of course when you stop your body is going to rebel. And of course the ambassadors are going to speak highly of the product. For many it totally changed our lives. I spent two weeks of the month in bed due to endometriosis and diverticulitis, so yes I’m excited! I started selling because I believe in the product. It might not be for everyone, but for many it has changed their lives. Praise God for opening the door forme to find this wonderful product!!!

    • Betty says:

      Read about something called “Science” Crystal… the human body NEVER “needed” a “detox” that was done by something “outside” the body…

    • Rhi says:

      I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not. If you are taking in good things for your body, you shouldn’t be experiencing ANY withdrawal symptoms! Seriously? And if the people who sell refuse to tell me about the bad stuff, then I know they are hiding something. Can you say SHADY? If even ONE person gets sick from this so-called “life changer”, you can count me OUT!

  • MGT74 says:

    I’m not seeing the 2016 update? Is it due?

    Anyway, in response to the person who commented that you can’t say anything bad about the product to the ambassadors- all MLM’s are like that because they are sales-based, and a sales person is supposed to promote their product, not bash it.

    I am also a direct sales rep for another company, and when there is a problem with the product, if you mention it, they cut you off.

    So I simply let my customers know the products I like and the ones I don’t really care for. Not really good for sales numbers, but it earns trust and repeat customers.

    All that being said, I just wanted to add that I have an allergic reaction to it that I just recently figured out was the Plexus. I have used it off and on for a couple of years, and I always lose a few pounds in it, but I gain them back as soon as I stop.

    I am a teacher and used to use it for the benefit of the energy burst I got soon after drinking it. But I found that a tall glass of water and a pack of emergency-c did just as good a job when I had a slump, was much less expensive, packed my body full of certain vitamins and nutrients, and was entirely safe. Just my two-cents’ worth.

  • Jessica says:

    I stopped taking Plexus about 4 days ago and have had a constant headache since then..has anybody noticed how long it takes until your body adjusts again?

  • Brenda says:

    I have been taking plexus slim, bioscience (not regularly) and probio for about a year. I didn’t lose any weight but honestly Im not the best at eating and exercising. Iliked the slum, felt more energy, it took some specific cravings away, and I slept better. But a month ago I was having a lazy weekend and didn’t take the slim. I thought I got the flu with diarrhea, stomach cramps and headache. Once I started the slim I felt better so thinking this is great stuff. This past weekend I again didn’t take the products and have diarrhea, stomach cramps, and headache. Last night it dawned on me that I am having withdrawal symptoms. As I write this I’m not even going to work because of how sick I feel. If a product or service thus then I don’t think it is good for you. Thanks for this website.

  • Sarah says:

    I have been taking Plexus for 3 months, I originally started because I was diagnosed with hypothyroid. I had no energy, I slepted 24/7 I gained 30+ pounds, hair was falling out, started getting acne. I couldn’t even hold a conversation. I had migraines and became depressed. I started plexus I have energy, I sleep good and I’m down 20lbs my acne is gone and my hair is alot thicker. If it wasn’t for plexus I would of never felt like myself. If you try it you need to start off slow with adding in the pills, and I was told from the beginning that some people go through a detox, I didn’t but some people are different. Your gut is getting healthy and it’s flushing those toxins out. I do not sell this product but I do love what it has done for me!

    • Kristi says:

      Hi Sarah! Are you still taking the product? I just started three days ago. I am interested in hearing how you’re doing on it. I am not selling either and am curious how you rate it since you don’t sell!

  • Maria P says:

    I had been taking Slim for a few months and for the most part, I felt fine. I recently decided to stop just because I didn’t want to spend the money any more. About 4 days after I stopped, I started having anxiety issues and heart palpitations. I can’t say for sure it’s withdrawal from stopping Slim or from other stressful things happening right now but after reading this, I’m thinking I’m having withdrawal. Anyone else experience this?

  • Dianne says:

    I paid a lot of money for a bag of plexus slim the accelerator pills and block.

    Within a couple of days I was nauseous, so I called my rep, she said to stop the two pills and just use the pink drink. I did as she recommended and by the end of the week, I was vomiting within 15 min of drinking the powder.

    She told me she had never heard of this reaction and that maybe I was sensitive to one of the “all natural” ingredients.

  • Pattiandy says:

    I tried the products for a month, and re-ordered a second month as I was heading off to the beach for a week’s vacay, which was the reason I started the products in the first place. After a few days I had diarrhea, and from that point on, I have 2 BM’s a day. I did not find any weight loss, in fact, I gains 3 pounds in total. I had conference messaging with representatives and we changed the plan, but, alas, no results. I requested a refund for 2 months. I was told it was in the works. More importantly…..I HAVE DIZZINESS, COLD SWEATING, NAUSEA, LIGHT-HEADEDNESS, AND FEEL SICK SINCE I STOPPED TAKING THE PRODUCTS. A DIZZY SPELL IN THE CAR DRIVING HOME FROM WORK LAST NIGHT REALLY GAVE ME A SCARE. I THINK YOU ALL SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THESE “WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS” I am sickly, disgusted, and 3 lbs. heavier. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT LINE

  • Kat says:

    I tried Plexus for a week at the urging of a friend and ambassador. I know it’s a pyramid scheme, but the stuff tasted good and she swore it might help with my pain issues following a car accident – reduce inflammation! Lower joint pain! Etc. In that one week I went from having a perfect physical (lab test proof) to being severely anemic and having my first migraine (that was a fun ER trip!). Only change was Plexus. Needless to say, I won’t be continuing this experiment.

  • Heather says:

    I just read this because one of my friends has started selling this stuff. I assumed it was horrible but of course tons of people are excitedly taking it. I have a little different perspective. I was recently diagnosed with a very serious neurological autoimmune disease.

    As part of my treatment I have had to go on a hunter gatherer diet which eliminates all processed food, sugar, salt, red meat, oil, gluten, grains and dairy. It’s been tough but I have learned a lot. I see people taking this kind of crap trying to loose weight and I shake my head knowing I used to do it too! I was so desperate to drop a few pounds that I would consume stuff thinking for some reason it would be fine. And that it would be worth it to loose a few pounds.

    In fact, that crap was poisoning me. Any weight loss supplement is bad for you- we all know this in our hearts, we just done care bc we want to loos weight. Granted not everyone is sick like me, but all of our bodies can fail us.

    Appreciate your body! Take care of it! Don’t feed it crap from a factory. Thank you for your post and I hope it helps people!

  • Jennifer says:

    Has anyone ever got their money back from plexus because their totally ignoring my Mother and won’t give her her refund.

  • Yvonne says:

    I was about to order my 4th round of Slim and Accelerator but after reading this I think I will pass. I have been taking it now for about 2 1/2 months and I have had good results but I am not sure if this is Plexus or a result of me giving up refined carbs and sugar… I have lost about 12 pounds in those 2 1/2 months and feel great but I don’t want to become reliant on a product like this long term so I am going to try it the natural way and see what happens. Hoping that I am fine and have no permanent damage. I do see an increase in energy when I take it but I am sure that has more to do with the caffeine in Accelerator.

    • Hugh says:

      I had to go to my bank and ask for the money back. They don’t reply…just ignore.

    • Kayla says:

      I tried the pink drink and accelerator for 3 weeks (accelerator for 2 days).

      The drink tasted good, and I did lose about 4lbs at the end of the 3 weeks. The accelerator made me feel like my heart was going to come out of my chest. I got so scared.

      Like really really scared, because I just wanted it to stop and it wouldn’t. So I stopped the accelerator and just drank the pink drink every morning.

      After about 2 1/2 weeks I started to get really dizzy spells during the day where I felt like I was going to pass out. Just overall didn’t feel good and started having anxiety attacks. I contacted customer service and did get my money back in about 5 days.

  • Martina says:

    I took Plexus for one month and it worked for me. I lost 15lbs. I began using it after I stopped breastfeeding my son. I am a very busy woman and didn’t have time to workout. I am always on-the-go and active, I just don’t work out.

    I did nothing to change my diet. My diet is not junky either.

    I have always been a good eater. Plexus helped me go from 145 to 130 in a month. Everybody’s body is different and my results were proof that it does work. (For me) If you feel that this is something I want to try to help boost you, I say try it. See how it works. If you don’t see a difference you can return it all and get your money back.

    Plexus worked for me, but that’s just me. I’ve tried other products that did miracles for others but never worked for me.

  • Janie says:

    I took Plexus for a week and started getting severe diarrhea, vomiting and stomach cramps. I don’t know if it was the cause, but I stopped taking it just in case.

    Two weeks later, I am still having diarrhea that when I eat anything normal, I proceed to have diarrhea for 4-6 hours. I just don’t have a good feeling about this stuff.

    When I called my ambassador about stopping and getting my money back guarantee, she completely agreed I should stop. However, her upper level person kept pushing that it was “die off” and that it is completely normal. and that I should just take the slim for now! This has completely turned me off, I am sorry but having diarrhea to this extent is not normal and anything that would cause this can’t be good!

    It is clear she was only concerned with making the sale and she had no concern for me at all!

  • Janay says:

    I have taken the product for 6 days now. I have seen a drop in weight (2 pounds) and my body measurements are all down by an inch or more. But here’s the thing…lower energy than when I started and a constant headache and non stop hunger. I am in no way starving myself.

    All I’ve changed is adding the drink and I haven’t had a soda in 6 days. I am guessing all of my good results are from kicking the sodas.

    Besides those I am a healthy eater. I am thinking I can do this on my own. And I was starting to crave the Slim and am thirsty non stop. It was an experiment and I have never done something like before…I obviously need to continue to trust my instincts.

  • Connie says:

    I tried Plexus Slim for a week. I could tell that it was like a detox. My throat started feeling weird and it did feel like it was addictive. I felt drained and could tell that it contained chromium just by the way I felt. I always drank a lot of water, so this was not an issue.

    Basically I felt drained and had less energy. I sing in the choir at church and I was having trouble catching my breath and unable to sing as well. I even had less energy and was unable to walk my usual 1-3 miles a day.

    I quit Plexus and I am still drained. I have a lot less energy than I did before. Now I am having trouble with fatigue and dizziness. I don’t know what is causing that, but strange that it happened the week after I quit Plexus. I might have lost a few pounds, but not worth the sluggish feeling.

    I think that the body needs a variety of good nutritious foods and Plexus makes you not really have an appetite. I think you need all foods in moderation. I don’t think I will take Plexus anymore. I will just try to lose on my own, with moderation of food and exercise.

  • Julie says:

    In January 2015, a friend of mine convinced me to give Plexus a try. I was looking to get my pre-pregnancy figure back, as well as some additional energy to keep me going despite several middle-of-the-night bottle feedings. One week after I started taking Plexus, I started experiencing GI issues.

    Three weeks in, I was rushed to the E.R. (not once, but twice) due to severe abdominal pain (the pain was by far worse than labor). After spending $7,500 in medical bills (Yes, I maxed out my deductible within one month after the beginning of the year…all on this issue), I was told that I don’t have anything wrong with me (the goods news) other than a SEVERE case of gastritis caused by the ingestion of a foreign substance…Plexus!

    The GI Specialist confirmed how dangerous it was and told me that, unfortunately, the damage I caused to my body would take several months to fix. Almost 6 months later, I am back to normal. Taking Plexus was a COSTLY mistake.

  • PictureladyTN says:

    How do these people get away with this scam? MLM by another name is a Pyramid Scheme. I have friends that sell this. One started and then another and then another as they each enlisted the other for being an ambassador.

  • Gina says:

    It might be a coincidence, but after being on Plexus Slim for a month and Bio Cleanse for two weeks on/two weeks off/ two weeks on, I developed nodules under the skin on my face. A biopsy showed that it was an inflammation of sorts, but no foreign body. Not making the connection, I continued on Plexus Slim for another month. When I woke to one of these being the size of a gumball under the skin, I did a review of my supplements and the Plexus products were the only things recently added. I stopped taking it, and within two weeks, the nodules began to decrease in size. I still have a few, but they are going in the right direction – down! I’m curious if anyone else has had such a reaction.

  • Sam says:

    The side effects often come from our bodies cleansing….. a good thing. It can definitely cause headaches, tiredness etc., but in the long run lots of us have felt so much better with the product, although I don’t think it’s a good idea when people try to force all their friends to take it too. (:

  • Tiffany says:

    I took plexus for about 2 weeks and lost 3LBS right off the bat then a weird thing happened I gained 2LBS was drinking 2-3 cups of coffee a day to keep my energy up and had to take a sleeping pill to sleep at night and had to take a probiotic stool softener and I was getting headaches everyday so had to take a couple Ibuprofen with lunch everyday, but I was in luck because they had pills for all those problems! I stopped taking it and guess what happened I lost the 2Lbs and don’t need the 5 other pills to get my body on track.

  • Kephus says:

    Plexus is absolutely amazing! Need to lost weight? Take Plexus! Need to gain weight? Take Plexus! Can’t sleep? Take Plexus! Can’t wake up? Take Plexus! Too much stress in your life? Take Plexus! Need more excitement? Take Plexus! Need birth control? Take Plexus! Need to get pregnant? Take plexus!

    And on and on it goes….

    • Betty says:

      Hahaha, awesome Kephus! Seriously, before we know it, Plexus might even cure the global warming problem! :D

      • Dianne says:

        It’s true, I have a friend who is an ambassador. Every day she is on social media touting the new cures of plexus.

        To date she has said it has cured her of fungal overgrowth in her body, curing all her allergies in the process has eliminated her ptsd and she no longer needs anxiety medication, she has lost weight, and has more energy, blood pressure, blood sugar… all of it better numbers than before.

        Reduced inflammation in her joints, no more pain pills needed.

        Question, it seems to me if ambassadors are going to attribute miraculous recovery to plexus slim, then it should be regulated like every other medication out there. It seems irresponsible to claim cures to these serious diseases without proof.

        • Crpswarrior says:

          I also have a few friends who claim that it will cure everything. I have a disease called RSD (CRPS) which is a non curable progressive nerve disease which makes my body feel like I am literally on fire. Well, I have had at least 10 friends message me on Facebook telling me that I can be cured by plexus and that my doctors and the pharmaceutical companies want me sick, so they will tell me that Plexus is bad, so don’t listen to them. I have lost some friendships over me refusing to try it. It is sad that someone would choose a 20+ year friendship over a pink powdered snake oil.

  • Kurt says:

    Thank you for this post. The “ambassadors” in my area are like zombies.

    If you say anything about plexus or even ask questions, they are defensive and hostile. They make ridiculous claims and get away with it.

    They even told me I should give it to my child, (for weight loss) and it might even help him with his asthma and sleep apnea. Are you kidding? THANK YOU FOR PUTTING THIS OUT THERE!!

  • Diana says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I wanted to hear realism not sweet look what has happened to Susie Q and her weight loss, I have more than half of my feed filled with this Plexus and pressure however it sound to good to be true. What’s the Main ingredient, what was it really for, can it make me sick later? All my questions but no one had an actual answer “but if you don’t like it you can stop an get your money back” best blog ever.

  • Susi says:

    I do not find Plexus “addicting”. It also has never caused me any harm, and I’ve been using it for a year! My weight has maintained fairly steady +/- 5 lbs but I have lost a few inches of flab and my double chin! I have no complaints with the products! I believe it may not “work” for everyone, but those who take it consistently as well as plenty of water (which our bodies need anyway!) it does help create a healthy gut. Some just take longer than others. Maybe you didn’t give it long enough, or started too fast with it and the “die off” of bad yeast was overwhelming at first…sometimes it takes a slow start and over time your body levels balance and you feel better :)

    • Betty says:

      I am happy for you Susi, but how long are you planning to take it? Forever?

    • Tara says:

      I have severe diarrhea since starting plexus. I take one pill each of the cleanse and the probiotic and one pink drink a day. I don’t want to keep the diarrhea. I understand the whole “get worse to get better” concept but how long am I looking at. How long do I give this if the diarrhea isn’t getting better?

  • Ellen says:

    Who paid ya’ll to make these comments. I have been on Plexus for 2 months it has done wonderful despite for me and I have energy and dropping weight

    • Betty says:

      Why would anyone pay people to write comments on such a small blog as mine, Ellen? :)

      Or rather, I should ask you… how much money is Plexus giving out ambassadors for spamming all over Facebook!?

  • SUE says:

    I have been taking plexus slim, bio cleanse or probio5
    I have a skin itching on a large part of my upper trunk, is this connected?

    • Betty says:

      Can’t really say for sure Sue,
      So many people have had so many weird side effects that it’s really difficult to say… but itching on your leg, that’s definitely a first one over here!

  • Wendy Moye says:

    hello I am a plexus ambassador I started using and selling this product back in May. I haven’t had any problems while taking the slim with bio cleanse and probio5. At the end of June plexus withdraws from my account without my approval and messed my account up do I haven’t had money yo reorder but I’m having some serious symptoms since I’m not taking it. Has anyone else had any problems when they gave stopped this product?? Very concerned!!

    • Betty says:

      Yes Wendy, people have had many bad withdrawal symptoms… another reason not to try this in the first place!

  • Georgene Braverman says:

    Please e-mail me. I have questions to ask you. It is very important. Thank you.

  • Wendy says:

    I got the trial pack after two friends of mine became ambassadors. I have had an allergic reaction, Swelling of hands and feet, itchy skin, acid stomache, and bloating so bad I felt I was having a heart attack. Now just trying to flush it all from my system.

  • DB says:

    Tried this awful pink drink for 2 weeks…i already suffer from major GI issues
    Chronic Lyme disease and other issues…this product is horrible.

    The severe..i mean SEVERE much so i cant even go to the gym and im not sleeping much at all with the cramps and gas….the remaindet of the mix is going in the trash…my fault for not researching all the ingredients prior to one month purchase..absolutely not worth the severe side effects…will lose weight the old fashioned what i eat and exercise

  • Alex says:

    I would like to send a HUGE thank you! I have been using plexus products for 4-5 months now. Recently, I went to see my doctor for weight loss due to having no results after massive dieting, exercising, and drinking up to/more than 100 ml of water a day. Long story short he prescribed medication and recommended stopping the plexus.

    I’m on Day 5 now, with a wide range of symptoms. At first I thought it was the new medications, then remembered reading an article about a woman who stopped the pink drink and had to restart it due to her symptoms. After 30 minutes of research, your post is the only one I found in regards to “withdrawal” problems with plexus products.

    I am EXTREMELY grateful for this! I thought I was going crazy! I have the consistent headaches (although I’m on migraine medication), hot flashes, chills, shakes, extremely emotional, depressed, anxious, I have insomnia, body aches, and nausea. Just to name a few, ha ha.

    Your blog is the best thing that I could have ran upon during my “emotional rollercoaster” I truly thank you!

  • Adrienne says:

    i tried two weeks of the plexus i liked it until i stoped. after stoping in i became constipated never been constipated since i was 5yrs. old. i had nausea for 5 days. so i will never take that ever again.

  • Jake says:

    Thank you for helping educate others. I am a medical student and have a family member who is obsessed with this garbage, posting like 9 things a day about it on Facebook. Plexus is an absolute joke and I wish more people had enough scientific knowledge to see that.

  • Brenda says:

    Very Disappointed…. I was on Plexus for 1 1/2 months did not lose one pound, did not feel more energetic, and did not feel healthier. I took it more to get healthier, and could lose an extra 10 pounds, but none of that happened.

    That was not even the disappointed thing, worst of all I sent it back for my refund due to the 60 day guarantee and OMG what a joke!!!! I called on April 7th and returned the left over product that day, they received it on the 9th.

    I Called then today on the 20th because I had not seen my refund and was told it can take up to 60days to get my money back. Today they are working on refunds that were submitted on April 2nd and since mine was submitted on the 7th they would probably not get to mine for another 7-10 days.

    My comment to her was is there that many refunds that need to be processed?????? She said yes! If that does not tell you anything right there then go ahead and waste 150-250 dollars a month! The only reason people are losing weight on this is because they are doing what they should have done in the first place is watch what they eat, drinking more water, and exercising. I was already doing that so I guess that is why I have not lost anything!!!!

    • Betty says:

      Thanks for sharing your experience Brenda, and you are right, doing what you must do in the first place is where people fail and start looking for such “proven magic products”!

  • Wanda says:

    Great information, I agree in order to be healthy we have to get rid of all the dangerous chemicals in and around us. Luckily I shop from a manufacturer that does do the blind testings and get great results and they have scientific proof that their products are safe. As far as weight loss goes, only real thing is changing your lifestyle.

  • Angie says:

    I recently stopped taking Slim, Block, and Accelerator. I have been having episodes of dizziness and headaches. Do you know if there are side effects associated with stopping Plexus? Also, I have lost weight since stopping the product.

    • Betty says:

      Hey Angie,
      Side effects AFTER stopping? Maybe some people might get withdrawal symptoms, but this is very new to me too… also, congrats on losing weight AFTER stopping the product!

      • Katie C. says:

        I’m having the same symptoms. In all fairness, I had migraines and vertigo before starting, but the symptoms seem worse since stopping Plexus a week ago.
        I never believed it would help with dramatic weight loss, only good diet and exercise can do that, but I gave a friend who is an ambassador and kept harassing me to try it. I was trying to be a supportive friend, so gave it 60 days. Now I’m thinking that was a bad idea.

        • Betty says:

          Your worsening symptoms might be due to withdrawal from something in the drink… give it some time to clear through your system…

  • Kai says:

    Thanks for the review. I also advise to PLEASE be careful and stay away from anything that can curb your appetite. Products like this prevent you from getting the nutrition you need from food and lowers your calorie intake.

    Some of the problems that people are having are early signs of anorexia which IS a deadly disease. Decreasing your calorie intake and barely eating isn’t healthy for you. Anorexia can cause hair loss, irregular to no menstrual cycle, different problems for your body and once you start eating again rapid weight gain.

    Take care of your body and eat healthy. Also read and make sure everything you put inside of your body is safe!

  • Cassie says:

    I just read a Facebook post from my best friend who wants to be an ambassador for Plexus. So I began a bit of research and stumbled upon this wonderful blog. Bottom line…if multiple double-blind clinical trials have not been performed and a product you ingest into your body has been on the market less than 10 years, do not take it! Eat as organically as possible, work out or walk your dog (best motivator ever!) We should all stop counting calories and focus instead on what we are putting into our bodies. And it’s not expensive when you say…organic chicken and broccoli with a few spices and a bit of bread. Much cheaper than what appears to be another hyped up diet craze that’s causing health issues galore!

  • >