PLEXUS SLIM REVIEWS – Things They Don’t Want You To Know!


In fact, this might be the only one true review of the product. Nowhere will you find the product bashed like in here! :D


In fact, this might be the only one true review of the product. Nowhere will you find the product bashed like in here! :D


My name is Betty, I am a 38 year old mother of two beautiful kids, living in Denver.

And on this page, you're going to read some really brutal plexus slim reviews by its recent buyers, including me.


August 2017 Update: I receive many, MANY emails from women everyday asking whether Plexus slim would be work for them.

So what YOU can now do is, just take a personalized, 6 questions only “plexus quiz” that will answer the question = “Is Plexus Slim Right For YOU Specifically?”

The quiz is at the bottom of this page, but first, read the plexus review.

Plexus Slim Reviews – TABLE OF CONTENTS

  1. Glowing Plexus Slim reviews all over the place, what’s going on?
  2. My Personal Experience with Plexus Slim
  3. What is Plexus Worldwide and Who Is Plexus Slim For
  4. Plexus Slim Ingredients
  5. Pros and Cons of Plexus Slim
  6. When can you expect results (IF any)?
  7. How Much Does it Cost
  8. User Reviews
  9. Conclusion and Guidance

1. First Things First - What Is Up With ALL Those Glowing Reviews and Recommendations?!

You go to any ambassador's site, and someone or his mother has lost 30, 40, or even 100 pounds with Plexus! :S

(The worst is Facebook! Half of FB is stuffed with Plexus rainbows!)

And what this does to YOU is give way to confirmation bias = when enough people start saying the same thing, even if it's ridiculous, you automatically start to believe it.

But how did you find out about Plexus Slim? An ambassador contacted you, right?

And when you started searching around for reviews, you probably only got glowing Plexus Slim reviews and/or glowing Plexus accelerator plus reviews, right?

Of course!

  • Because it’s all a part of a big (MLM) multi level marketing scheme!

Me? No, never, I am not a Plexus ambassador.

  1. I am not a seller or part of their 'chain'. I am not “one of them”. In fact, I DO NOT encourage you to buy this!
  2. I had the worst experience with the pink drink, and that is what you will read about on this page.
  3. Optionally, you can also take the new Plexus quiz to find out if it will work for YOU specifically.

Now the company at hand, Plexus Worldwide has been doing crazy marketing for this product through its multi level chain.

In fact, for the past few months, 9 out of 10 comments I get on this blog are total spam by these "plexus ambassadors", and are automatically deleted by my website software.

The weirdest and most suspicious thing is, how can 99% of all Plexus Slim reviews be positive when there is no third party research or study done on this?!

If you dig deep, 100% of those positive reviews are from people selling it themselves.

But today, let's slice and dice the product and see if it's really worth 100's of dollars every month!

2. My Personal Experience with Plexus Slim

I have battled with obesity since my childhood.

And like most of us women, I have gone through the usual routine:

  1.  First, we try popular "diets" like Atkins, Paleo, Juicing, etc. We don't stick to it for long (Why? Answer's below) and quit it saying "IT" didn’t work.
  2.  Now when the "dieting" goes awry, we think workouts should help. So off to the treadmill we go! Of course, that only lasts one month every year - January!
  3.  Then once exercise and diets have failed us, we move on to the liquids! Yep, I did that too, made Plexus Slim and its ambassadors good money!
  4.  Finally, desperate times called for desperate measures. So we even fall for the final scams of raspberry ketones or garcinia bottles!

I was introduced to Plexus Slim by one of the I've-used-it-its-simply-awesome "friend" of mine.

A friend I hadn't heard for years, who suddenly popped up and was more than keen on catching up. Weird, I was like "Meh"...

(I found it much later that these people make money.)

Anyhoo, my experience with this product has been horrid at best!

The Plexus Slim side effects came slowly, but they took a hell lot more time to go away.

The most horrible side effects I experienced were:

  • Heartburn
  • Nervousness
  • Nausea
  • Constant Dull Headache
  • Dizzyness
  • Dull Chest pain (this was totally scary and frustrating!)

The worst thing was these things happened when I was trying to get back in shape after a few years of having my first baby.

We were actually planning for the second one and before we did, I wanted to lose my extra weight to start on the right foot so to speak.

But when these side effects hit me, especially the chest pain and constant headache; it delayed our plans by over 1.5 years! We had to wait that long for the side effects to subside because there was no way I was gonna be pregnant with these things!

And the reason it took me so long to figure out that Plexus was responsible was these side effects didn't start immediately, so we did not suspect Plexus to be the root cause!

Imagine my relief and anger when I found out that IT WAS THE CULPRIT!

For that, Plexus Slim - I won't forgive you, ever! :(

3. What is Plexus Worldwide And Who is This For?

Now this was the weirdest thing.

When I went to the official plexus website looking for their company info/their story, like any normal person I expected the first thing to be about their company and products that make a difference in obese people.

Guess what?

The first line on their "our story" page completely gives away the primary focus of the company = the MLM money making scheme!

Here's an actual pic straight from their "our story" page…

Plexus Slim Reviews

So when a company places more importance on the "business opportunity" than helping its consumers, that's not someone I want to give my money to!

Anyway, this is one company that has developed what I call a catalog of soups!

Plexus Slim, Accelerator, XS, Bio Cleanse, yada yada yada…

Do we really need so many things?

And the funny thing is… once you are 'hooked' to one of their products and don't get the desired results… your ambassador's response is…

Oh, you were just using Plexus Slim? Well, you know what, you have to add Accelerator+ to really see the great results!”

Next thing you know, you are using 10 different Plexus products, auto-billed, sucking cash right out of your account every month!

Let me state it bluntly for the record:
The company is only out to make a buck for itself and it's "ambassadors". Period.

Now, some "might" lose weight (Take the quiz and find out what's your score), sure, but for the majority, the only weight lost is from our bank account.

And let me also state for the record that I am not against diet programs, pills or shakes in general IF they work AND they don't have any significant side effects.

For e.g. as you read above, I openly recommend the holistic Beyond Diet Program (a far better long term program NOT relying on shakes/drinks...)

I have personally used both the above (and am still an active member of Beyond Diet) and they did give me the desired results.

So With That Said, Who Is This Product Really For?

Plexus Slim is for those who (STILL) think that some external powder/shake/drink will help them lose weight.

It is targeted at those people who have just quit some diet program, and are looking for an "easy fix".

It boggles my mind how these ambassadors find you at the "opportune moment"!

So anyway, Plexus Slim is for those people who have lost their faith in diets and workout, and are ready to try this chemical soup.

But, you must buy from their ambassadors (else how can they justify the money-making-model). You cannot even buy directly from their official website. Shady at best.

Another BIG Update:

Previously, before May, you could buy Plexus Slim off, but after unbelievably bad reviews and the presence of the banned chemical dimethylamylamine, Amazon completely removed the product off their site! You cannot buy it on Amazon anymore.

Plexus Slim banned on Amazon

Yep, it's banned on Amazon now. You can go check it yourself on the above page.

And speaking of banned products...

Here are 3 MORE such products just like Plexus you need to avoid! Find out which ones are these, and to try to avoid them if you have a truly long term fitness/weight loss goal (which you should!)...

(The above page opens in a new window, so you can come back here when you have read about them...)

4. Plexus Slim Ingredients:

The 'pink drink' is a proprietary blend of a ton of ingredients. To cut the long story short, the only 2 ingredients worth mentioning and that have at least some scientific research in their favor are the Garcinia and Hoodia.

Here's a list of ingredients in Plexus Slim:


This is a common type of soluble fiber. In theory, soluble fiber ‘might’ work because fiber swells in the gut and suppresses appetite. But, Polydextrose might cause A LOT of gas and bloating.

Citric acid

I couldn't find any evidence associating this with weight loss.

Grape Skin Extract

Grape skin contains antioxidants and phytonutrients such as proanthocyanidins and proanthocyanidins. That's all great, I mean anti oxidants do help and IT IS proven. But does grape skin extract help people lose weight? Doubtful. Update: I am told Plexus Slim no longer contains grape skin extract.

Lo Han extract

This is a nothing but a sweetener. I tried to find evidence that Lo Han helps weight loss but could find none.

Another problem is what “extract” of Lo Han does Plexus Slim really have? They don’t tell us. Not good.


Again, a commercial sweetener. It’s very common in sugar replacement pills. Maybe it might help weight loss by helping people limit calories but I honestly don’t think so.

Research suggests that drinking low calorie beverages does not send the signal to the brain that we are full. As such, we still feel hungry.

There are MANY low calorie foods and beverages on the US market, yet Americans are not any more slimmer than they were, say, in the eighteenth century!

Natural flavors

This one's really bad. They don’t tell us what these "natural flavors" are. I doubt any of them play ANY role in weight loss.

Some more ingredients:

Chlorogenic acid

There was a HUGE government research on this over here, but their conclusion remains:

The evidence from this study seems to indicate that the intake of Chlorogenic acid may promote weight loss. However, several caveats exist. The size of the effect is small, and the clinical relevance of this effect is uncertain.

My takeaway - you don't need this chemical inside you.

Rosmarinic Acid

No evidence or study whatsoever pointing out the benefit of this thing.

Hydroxycinnamic acid

Once again, no evidence or study whatsoever pointing out the benefit.

Garcinia Cambogia

I am 100% sure you have heard about these "magic pills", right? But, if you read scientific studies, all anyone can say is maybe it works and maybe it doesn’t work at all. Or more simply said, correlation does not imply causation.

Here is a study where 500mg of garcinia cambogia did not help people lose weight. I mention this because if this study is correct, then it might take more than 500 mg of garcinia cambogia if it's going to work at all.

5. Pros and Cons of Plexus Slim

Here are the Pros and Cons of Plexus Slim

Plexus Pros: (And these are going to be scant)

1 The packaging looks great! Not really a pro? Well, I got nothing.

2 Availability. The network is huge. Your neighbor might be selling it, go check! ;)

3 The advice they give is decent. They ask you to eat clean and exercise while on Plexus Slim. (But then, why not do THAT in the first place!?)

4 It is supposed to help you stop cravings. But I could not find any honest claims about this, still..

Plexus Slim Cons:

1 Chemical soup - What's in there?! Apart from the hodepodge of ingredients, no one knows.

It's crazy to believe that "proven" ingredients will work in harmony just because they are all thrown together! :S

2 It's a HUGE MLM scheme! This is my biggest turn off and the biggest con. Why? Because the only *PROOF* you will get is from people already selling it!

3 Major side effects and health issues. Fluttering heart, nausea, constant headache, nervousness, and if all these were not enough - weight gain!

Yep, many, many people have reported an increase in weight after taking Plexus Accelerator. October Update: One of the commenters below reported that her face swelled up! Yikes!

4 Expensive. $115/month is not sustainable. Now, let me once again state that I am not against pills or shakes in general, because they are "aids", but when the product works only when you are "ON IT", that's the first sign of trouble.

For e.g. having a patch to quit smoking is an "aid", a help. Similarly, diet pills and/or shakes are there to help us by maybe curbing our appetite or boosting our energy so we can stay on the path.

But this, focusing more on the MLM business more than the customers… not done.

5 They force you to continuously upsize your order. Like I mentioned before, once you are in their 'loop', you will need: Plexus Slim AND Plexus Accelerator + AND Plexus Boost AND Plexus 96 AND Plexus Bio Cleanse AND Plexus X Factor…

You know what this is called in plain English?


They get you to buy more and more of their products that don't work, and once your bank account's empty… they'll give you the "business opportunity" to go and empty someone else's account!

6 Most of Plexus products are banned in Canada and Australia, go figure.

7 Contains Dimethyamylamine (DMAA) which “medically looks” like amphetamines, and can cause you to pop positive on a drug test. Big red flag for me. (Also the reason they took it off Amazon.)

8 Finally, no REAL proof that it works. The only proof is from their own ambassadors or from people with "1" post on popular forums!

6. When can you expect results (IF any)?

After lurking A LOT on some forums, I could see couple of legitimate reviews of Plexus Slim where these people claim to have got results after using it for about 5-6 months.

The reviews were on the lines of "it takes time for it to work, but it started giving me positive results after about 5-6 months" .

Now, that's great, but 6 months means spending way over $650, a huge cost, and the dangers outweigh the benefits a lot here.

My advice? Better to look for other sources.

7. How much Does It Cost?

Here's a rundown of most of Plexus products and what they cost:

Plexus Slim (30 Day Supply) = $84.95

Plexus Accelerator+ (30 day supply) = $39.95

Plexus Slim and Accelerator+ combo (30 day supply) = $114.95/month

7 stick-packs of Plexus Slim + 7 capsules of Accelerator+ = $29.95

Bio Cleanse 180ct = $39.95
(The claim - Plexus Bio-Cleanse oxygenates & energizes your body while detoxifying & cleansing wastes. Oxygenates? really? How about doing that thing you learned on the first day of your life = breathing!?)

X Factor = $39.95
(The claim - Plexus X Factor is our Turbocharged multivitamin and antioxidant. Never before has this mixture of a patented Aloe blend, Blackcurrant, vitamins, minerals been put together in the same capsule. Never before has a multivitamin been so beneficial!)

I am NOT paying 40 bucks for a multi vitamin, are you nuts!?

So that's how much it costs for these chemical soups.

The reason it's so costly because you HAVE to buy from middlemen, their ambassadors. So the company has to keep two parties in the profit… at your cost.

In fact, to be honest, if the Plexus thingies would have been even anywhere around a dollar a day, I would have gladly asked you girls to at least give it a try.

But at $114/month, sorry, no question about even trying it.

Instead, I highly recommend you to first take the quiz at the bottom of this page, then on your results page, see how I myself lost 62lbs without buying any of these powders, drink or shake nonsense!

8. (Finally) *REAL* Plexus Slim User Reviews

This section took me the LONGEST to research!

First I went to YouTube to see if there are any 'real' reviews. But nope, ALL the "reviews" are by either ambassadors who want to *cough help you cough*, or by make-money-from-home scammers.

Then, I went to some popular weight loss forums and again, there were only glowing reviews by people who joined yesterday… hmm…

Finally, here are some real reviews by people who have posted this on their own blogs like me:

This was posted by a blogger named Deanna:

See Deana's Review

Day 16: Well, not going well ... I actually gained weight! So far, I'm up 2 pounds. Some serious dieting is now necessary, which when you read the Plexus docs, doesn't mention anything about. They just say, drink the drink, that's it.

I missed taking the pink drink today, BTW, since I was in an all day meeting and just didn't have the opportunity to mix up the drink and drink it.

Nothing I've read has ever provided a realistic commentary on the experience. I've just seen people rave about losing 40 lbs in two weeks which just seems crazy!

As an aside, about 4 years ago, I went through losing about 17 lbs which took me about 18 months to do with controlled eating and exercise. It was a slow and difficult journey, but the weight stayed off for a good 4 years. It's a slow process and I guess I'm just hoping for a short cut this time and I don't think this is it…

Then, this was a comment on a popular forum:

Click to Expand

Mishani Kasper on March 20, 2014 at 9:47 AM

I've been on PS for 2 months already. I also take the accelerator... haven't lost inches or weight. Huge disappointment for me, since I know I have at least about 30 pounds to lose. I work out 4 times a week which I thought would speed up the weight loss, but nothing.

I drink mostly water throughout the day and pee like crazy. I don't think this is a product for me anymore, after all the money I have lost so far! I am not sure if I should give myself another month or just cancel my auto-ship. Big fail for me.

Here's a more detailed analysis of Plexus Slim by a highly respected forum member on 3 fat chicks:

Click to Expand

It's a very, very expensive MLM product and as you all know, we don't support those for good reason.

The ingredients are the usual and somewhat sketchy, as Jane pointed out.

Take the Hoodia - It's highly unlikely that it contains real hoodia because there's very little hoodia out there and it's illegal to export it from Africa for weight loss supplements.

If it IS real hoodia then you should avoid it. 2 major pharmaceutical giants, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals and Unilever, spent a few million dollars researching hoodia to try to come up with a product that could be proven both safe and effective.

The result? They found that hoodia actually did not do anything to help with weight loss. They also ended their studies early because it made the subjects very sick. This was real hoodia that was researched by the best clinical experts out there.

Do you trust any product that lists hoodia as an ingredient? Either it's fake or it's potentially dangerous.

Plexus Slim also contains green coffee bean extract. There's been a lot of hoopla about this ingredient lately and it was thought that it might help a little bit. However, very recent (2013-2014) studies showed a link between the ingredient and several unhealthy conditions, including an odd build-up of fat in the liver.

It's my opinion that the ingredients in this Plexus Slim shake are not at all impressive.

What actually happens is when people take products like these, even those that DO NOTHING to actually help weight loss, the people using it consciously/subconsciously pay more attention to what they eat and they end up eating less!

Also, success with MLM products comes with a bonus - $$$

So those who test out MLM weight loss products have an added incentive to 'make' it work for them. Confirmation bias anyone?

Are the products any more effective than their inexpensive drugstore clones? Not really.

I'm closing this forum thread because every time MLM products are mentioned, their distributors and resellers rush over like ants to try to sell their products!

Want more real reviews?

Here goes… from,

Review from

Although the ingredients in Plexus Slim have been shown to help with appetite control, blood sugar levels, and/or weight loss, the supplement facts label doesn't disclose how much of each of these ingredients are in a serving, so it's impossible to know if there's enough of each ingredient to be effective.

Until there is more research (or a better disclosure of what is actually in the supplement), I wouldn't spend nearly $115 a month on this product.

And I saved the worst review for the last (I feel so bad for this girl)…

Sandie Horton from Tupelo, Mississippi posted this on

Click to Expand

I took Plexus Slim for an entire month and only lost 3 pounds... did I forget to mention that after starting it, my sleep was gone!

After six days with no sleep, my ability to reason diminished and my patience with everyone and everything was turned into an "inability"!

After the 7th day, I had insane diarrhea with almost zero appetite. Did I mention, I still had not slept.

Two weeks in, I was like a caged animal... foaming at the mouth and gnashing of teeth. Sleep... very little.

Three weeks in, my husband accused me of being on meth and threatened to leave me unless I sought immediate inpatient treatment for amphetamine addiction.

Probably because for THREE weeks, I paced the floors day and night and drank water like I had not seen a cool drink for days. I was exhausted to the point of no longer being able to dial a telephone number, drive my car, or carry on a conversation.

I did begin to worry (was it too late?) and honestly questioned the "advice" I got from my ambassador. She literally laughed at me and said to just give it another week. After all, they were "all losing weight" by the double digits... so, I continued.

Week 4.... I entered what I have described as a "fog". You know you are there but can't see your hand in front of your face. I had uncontrollable muscle twitching, loss of bladder control, sex drive what's that, I became light headed and dizzy, experienced loss of balance and motor skills, heart palpitations, swollen painful joints, could not wear a bra because my breast were too tender, hives across my body, and out of body experiences... probably from NO sleep!

Then, I woke up 33 days after first taking Plexus Slim in the hospital at UAB!

My purpose for posting is not to put a bad spin on plexus but rather to warn others... Plexus Slim ruined one year of my life so do not think you'll get faster, better, results by sneaking a few more than your girlfriends. For me, the junk in my trunk will have to stay!


You won't find these reviews on YouTube or searching Google.

These are real people and their woes which are tactfully hidden by the company by doing what is called "reputation management" (which means 'pushing' these real reviews to pages 5 and below of Google where anyone rarely visits!).

9. Conclusion and Guidance

All in all, Plexus Slim MIGHT work for a minor few. We don't know who these 'few' people are. It might be you, yes, it might work for you. But do you really want to spend $115/month for the next 6 months to find out?

AND that's not even the bad part, the worst part is: Do you want to risk all the side effects mentioned here?

I am sure if you're sane, the answer's A BIG NO!

So a better alternative for the sane:

Update: August 20, 2017!

You can now find out if Plexus Slim is specifically right for you.

Just choose the right answers for the 6 questions below & find out if Plexus is right for YOU...


1. What's your age?

Note: If you are below 20, you shouldn't even be here!

2. Have you tried anything like Plexus before? (shakes, pills, etc.)

3. Let’s gauge your time/activity level. What describes you best?

4. Do you have any lifestyle disease or health conditions?

You are one tough cookie! Why? Because, especially for with , it’s very difficult to slim down.

Final Question: If you had just ONE MAGIC WISH, what would it be?


Done! See your test results, whether Plexus is right for you...

(And also see the results of 12540 other women)…

See Your Results   

Done! See your test results, whether Plexus is right for you...

(And also see the results of 12540 other women)…

See Your Results   

Done! See your test results, whether Plexus is right for you...

(And also see the results of 12540 other women)…

See Your Results   

Done! See your test results, whether Plexus is right for you...

(And also see the results of 12540 other women)…

See Your Results   


You DO NOT need Plexus to get fit, healthy, lose fat or {insert-any-of-your-desire-here!}

Each one of us is different. You ARE truly unique.

Your body, your metabolism, literally everything is distinctive about you.

So the hope of "one-drink-cures-all" is one of the silliest myths, and these "recurring monthly billing" product companies make a fortune off it!


What you actually need to know is this…

Huh? What does that mean?
That image hides the best kept secret of the entire fitness industry... a secret these companies will protect more than anything, and prevent you from finding about it...

But wait a sec... what the he** does that Elephant got to do with your weight!?

I explain it in this next post…


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  1. I read in one blog the woman took it and at first she felt good and lost a few pounds. Then she started having symptoms. She found it was putting her into liver distress. I have been taking a prebiotic and a probiotic and only paid less than $40. I just started, so not sure about it. I don’t have an appetite problem, I have a thyroid problem. So these should help and I don’t have to use one whole paycheck. I found out the triplex would cost me around $150. Not for me.

  2. Thank you for posting this! I *almost* got sucked in, and it’s sad how they make you feel that if you don’t do it you are really missing out on a life changing product.

    So much pressure, especially when you are a tired and stressed out mom. Yup, they love to target worn out parents. Oh and don’t even get me started on how they really do come out of the wood works when they have something to sell, and then drop you like a hot potato once you tell them you aren’t interested.

    I can tell you that I’ve had a horrible time with the ingredient Stevia and most of your negative symptoms are things I’ve experienced after ingesting it.

    It gives me rage like no other…it’s like PMS on steroids.

    I have to be so careful that I don’t eat or drink artificial sweeteners. Whatever they put in energy drinks also gives me chest pain, and I’m sure it’s in the pink drink as well. Other horrible symptom of artificial sweeteners for me is yeast infections, bladder issues, and itchy skin and scalp. No fun at all!
    Once again, thank you for your honesty. I hope your health has improved and you are doing well.♥️

  3. I’m technically an “ambassador” but haven’t done anything with it for over a year now would I ever. The only reason I’m still one is because my mom was running it for me since I had no interest in it but she changed it to take out money from her account just so she would still have me as an ambassador.

    I would not recommend these products to anyone. It’s just all around stupid

  4. I have been taking triplex for over two months now. For about 5 weeks, I had a headache and I felt bloated. After 5 weeks, I started to really feel well. More energy. No digestive issues, no heartburn, no gerd.

    Didnt start this to loose weight. Started for well-being and that is what I have been getting. By the way, I was searching for 10 years to find out what was wrong with me. All my tests came out negative. I was the healthiest sick person.

    I finally tried plexis and so far I really feel great. I believe that since all of us are different, different products work for different people. I am only an ambassador so I can get the products.

    I dont know anything about the business and am not interested in selling. If at some point these products stop working for me, I will simply stop taking them.

  5. I quit taking it when I started hemorrhaging in colon a year ago. It almost killed me.. Since finding the following announcement on a Business Weekly page from 2011, I’m convinced this product could contain anything because it isn’t regulated for safety.

    “Plexus Corp. said Thursday that it entered into an agreement to buy land for construction of a manufacturing plant in the Xiamen Xiangyu Free Trade Zone, adjacent to its current facility in China.”

  6. I use it and wouldn’t go with out it. Nope I don’t sell it I just use it. I was on prednisone and inhalers for 13 years and pulminolagist said deal with it. 3 years on plexus and haven’t been on mess of any type since. Yes I could show you medical records to prove it. Plexus is way cheaper than the 400 a month I was spending on meds and yes I feel much better

  7. How do you refute someone who is using not only the “pink drink” but the [new?] ProBio5, and keeps touting the benefits of a so-called “healthy gut” and how it relates to every other function of a healthy body??!!! Aaaaagh! I’m trying desperately to gather non-Plexus reviews (this was a good start!) so I have my “ammo” ready for an intelligent comeback.

    I don’t doubt a healthy gut is good in general, but I simply like to eat “real” foods and keep it balanced and natural.

    We were designed that way, shouldn’t it be enough?! (rhetorical question.. :) ).

    • Marie,
      What you can do is introduce those people to a group of foods called “fermented foods”! No human made probiotic pill can match the effectiveness and goodness of fermented foods.

      • Go to GNC and get a good prebiotic and probiotic. There is something out there called slim stix that are supposed to be comparable to Plexux slim. All way cheaper and tested.

  8. Question. You said that it took 15 years to rid your side effects? How long has this been around? Or was it under a different name before? I shy away from MLMs. Working with a personal trainer now and learning what my boy responds best to as far as nutrition. Chemicals in any form were never meant to be in our bodies. Some natural minerals like silver have been mined to where they no longer exist in the soil and the nenifits of them are lost.

  9. Yes I take plexus been taking it for year I’m very skeptical about most products a friend of mine talked me into trying before doing it I had my blood work done after a year-and-a-half my blood work was great it works no I don’t try to encourage other people to take it because it works for some and it doesn’t work for others
    I simply give them the information to try it it doesn’t work for you doesn’t work it works for you great cholesterol triglycerides and good cholesterol the numbers are fantastic my doctor has followed the results and can only give plexus glowing review as it works for me thank you

  10. Chest pains??? I’ve been taking the block for a few months and started having chest pains! I even went to my Dr and a cardiologist! Nobody could find anything wrong and none of them could tell me if plexus was safe. I just flushed my block down the toilet!!

  11. How do I stop an ambassador forcing my 10 year old to take ProBio 5 for no known reason. She has seasonal allergies and the ambassador is diagnosing her as having leaky gut which causes allergies according to her. She claims that ProBio 5 will cure leaky gut which has been debunked by gastroenterologists.

    • You tell the ambassador – NO. It’s your child, no one has the right to force things inside a child, especially something they don’t need.

      • Amen to that… this product contains an overdose (even for adults) of vitamins C and B6 which could harm your child… if the ambassador is your wife I would get a doctor to talk to her about the dangers of overdosing and possibly seek counseling with her… plexus attempts to brainwash their client base so she might need help to get out

      • You tell her if she gives your child any kind of medication without your approval, you will see an attorney. NOBODY has the right to give anything to your child without your permission.

  12. Hi, would like to thank you for sharing this info online, I have my own group on fb and had someone join the group, she said she used plexus and it turned her life around.. I wanted to know and understand what this product was because I want my people to know what they are taking, I had a feeling about it but didn’t know what it was, until I came across your site.. I will be kicking her out, after I collect all info to put up in my group.. thank YOU for sharing this info with us..

    • Don’t be afraid to look up their nutrition labels and really dig into what those things actually are and do because people on plexus are essential poisoning themselves to get thin. E.g: Vitamin B6 overdose may cause abnormal heart rhythms, acne, allergic reactions, breast enlargement or soreness, changes in folic acid levels, decreased muscle tone, drowsiness or sedation, feeling of a lump in the throat, feeling of tingling on the skin, headache, heartburn, loss of appetite, nausea, rash, recurrence of ulcerative colitis (an inflammatory bowel disorder), stomach discomfort or pain, sun sensitivity, vomiting, and worsened asthma.
      B12 overdose causes reddening of the skin and urine and changes in heart rate and blood pressure
      Chromium overdose causes kidney and liver damage and even failure. Chromium also causes damage to bone marrow and can even damage cells DNA

  13. I love Plexus and Plexus Slim. Helped tremendously with my PCOS and diabetes. In fact I’ve been able to quit taking my insulin and have lost weight with these products. I’m so thankful I was introduced to plexus. And those symptoms you said they gave you was probably just the detox phase. Lots of people get that right at first as plexus cleans their body’s out!

    • Erika,
      Your body is equipped to “clean itself out”… no company can create better “cleaners” than your liver, kidneys and skin.

  14. Its funny how people pick on Plexus , but I have tried just about every product out there with other company’s. Maybe you should mention Isagenix, or weight watchers,etc so my opinion is everyone does their home work and decide for themselves.

  15. Hi Betty, I generally agree with the information you provide. My concern is there is somewhat of a conflict of interest since you sold Plexis for years, and only began criticizing the product after leaving the company (and not on your own terms). Also, it is deceptive to state you are not an ambassador, etc. without disclosing your previous relationship with the company. My objective of this note is not to challenge your conclusion of the product but to at least disclose your background with the company and why the change of heart towards the product?

    • Hi Mike,
      I have never been a plexus ambassador, never sold, promoted, suggested it to anyone through any channels. I have NO affiliation with them other then being their customer, once. That good?

    • Weight Watchers does not promote taking unidentifiable ingredients and chemicals. WW is focused on portion control and healthy eating

      • I second that. WW is really good IF you are going to continue with the point system. For me, WW did work for a while but I got unbelievably frustrated keeping up with the point system. Here’s a small piece of advice that you don’t need to give $ to WW for – “JUST. EAT. REAL. FOODS.”

  16. Great article. What they ( Ambassadors) always say when you are having reactions to the products, is that it is “die off”.

    They suddenly become medical professionals and coined words to keep the scam alive.

    No long term studies have been done on Plexus and these sheep who choose to take this “natural” product should really look into what is considered “natural” these days. Find a USDA certified organic product, it’s the safest thing to do.

  17. I found this while trying to look for real opinions on the company and what they do. I have a couple of neighbors who very suddenly tried to shove the supplements (not weight loss products, since in comparison to both of them I’m tiny) down my throat by telling me that they oxygenate the body and the oxygen keeps disease out. That comment made me do a double-take.

    If the way to prevent all disease was to put oxygen in the body, then disease wouldn’t exist at all, because our natural dependency on oxygen to survive would prevent it.

    I don’t know if that’s something Plexus Worldwide told them to say as ambassadors, or if, despite being school teachers during the day, they somehow missed all of their elementary school science classes.

  18. I have used Plexus. I did start seeing results within a couple of months. It did help with cravings. But it is like anything it’s not a magic pill. It is an aid when all else fails. I have struggled with weight loss all my life. The key is life style change. I lost 64 pounds and 4 pant sizes. I gained weight back while using the Plexus. But I became very inactive. I suffer from fibromyalgia and two knee replacements. It just goes to show it takes more than a diet aid.

  19. Thanks for taking the time to write this article. When you get that uneasy feeling in your stomach when a friend/ambassador starts talking to you, you’ve got to listen to that little voice and steer clear.
    One thing about your quiz, as a sidenote: the only options you gave were all if you *were* trying to lose weight. I am not in that situation, so didn’t know how to answer.
    As some comments have stated before, Plexus is not solely trying to be a weightloss company, but overall wellness/health/etc. (still not buying it.). But maybe change the quiz to address that? Thx again! Great article!

  20. Plexus products have worked for me. I take Plexus slim and Boost. I have lost over 20 pounds and do not have the desire for coffee and energy drinks like I used too. I feel much more balanced and energetic. I do not have any jitters like I had with coffee. It also helps control my appetite, I do not have the desire to over eat like I used to. I can only speak for me as to how the products have worked. Fortunately I have had a good experience with Plexus.

      • I have had great experience… Now when I first started I had a lot of yucky feeling and just in general felt blah…With in several weeks everything I was feeling was gone.. I am no longer taking 5 different meds from my doctor and all of my labs are great now. So i spend $140.00 a month instead of $300 and feel much better… Weightloss? I have lost a little but I do not eat right and nothing is a miracle drug.. I have stopped my caffeine drinks (except coffee in the am).. So what I have lost has been mostly from that. I feel wonderful and I started selling Plexus 6 months after I started using it. I was not pushed into it and heck I even asked the person if I could sign up. I do not push it on others. There is a 60 day money back guarantee even if the bottle is empty. Plexus starts with cleaning your gut. This cleansing process may make you feel like crap at first. After that it is awesome. My favorite part is my doctor agrees with my choice in plexus. The reason? The blood work I have had before and during Plexus. Weight loss is a original side effect of the “pink drink”.

    • I have been on Plexus almost two years. It’s the best choice I ever made! I have muscular dystrophy and IBS. Plexus is the ONLY thing that has helped the daily pain I experienced with both of these conditions. Unfortunately, not all products work for everyone. However, I hope those reading this blog that have thought about trying it realize that it could possibly help them. I was as skeptic at first, but am so thankful I gave in. Otherwise, I’d still be living in pain every day.

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