Plexus slim is a natural dietary supplement composed of a number of powerful chemicals. These chemicals are available in different varieties and therefore allowing a user to have options to choose from while avoiding any risk associated with these products. The supplement is highly recommended by medical experts as it is known to be a highly rated weight loss solution. This is majorly because; the natural ingredients contained in plexus slim provide necessary health benefits alongside weight loss.

The ingredients also promote and enhance natural functions as compared to other slimming chemicals which normally attack various cells in the body. The idea of using diet supplements is not new to many people. However, the major problem is that most of these supplements have diverse side effects. Most researchers examine plexus slim dangers based on the ingredients contained in it. The following are some of the ingredients with the resulting side effects:

Plexus Slim

Citrin K

This ingredient is controversially linked to cause liver problems. This conclusion was arrived that when a study was conducted on people with liver problems. The study showed that a high percentage of people suffering from liver related ailments had used plexus slim supplements. Weight loss patients are always advised to consult with a physician before taking any diet supplement to avoid speculations.


This chemical affects the level of sugar in the blood. This is normally a good thing for most people, though it also means that this chemical with blood sugar lowers medications. Individuals with chronic blood sugar levels face a lot of problems with this chemical. People who want to lose weight and have diabetes are always advised to consult before using the supplements. The healthcare provider will need to monitor the blood sugar levels more often and also adjust the dose of the one’s diabetes medications. People who fall into one of these categories should always take maximum care.

Chromium also affects certain brain chemicals. People with mental illness should seek assistance from a healthcare provider before taking the supplement. The impact due to the effect on the brain chemicals can be adverse as it may cause brain damage.

The ingredient may also cause or worsen kidney problems. This is majorly associated with consuming the supplement in large quantities. It can also be caused when a patient skips doses as opposed to the prescribed one.

Chromium is an essential nutrient or humans and shortages may cause heart problems and disruptions of metabolisms. Nevertheless, taking too much of this ingredient can cause health effects such as skin rushes, lung cancer, respiratory problems, weakened immune systems and alteration of generic material.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

This acid is potentially known to lower blood sugar levels especially when consumed in large quantities. Therefore, if one is already on medications that might lower blood sugar levels, he or she is advised to speak with a medical physician so that the levels can be monitored. Diabetic patients will definitely have their insulin level altered since using this acid automatically influences this hormone.

There exists some speculation that this acid also has the capability of altering thyroid levels in the human body. This means that people who have a thyroid disease of any kind should not use this acid without an approval from a medical doctor. The acid also contains cellulite which is, a problem commonly associated with ageing. It specifically changes how people feel about themselves in a negative way.

Alpha Lipoic Acid is also associated with sulfur backfire, meaning that the detox system breaks down functionally as a result of too much use of the acid. This causes redistributive effects that can really mess one up and it normally takes long time to recover from.

Conclusively, most dieticians do agree that dietary supplements like plexus slim maximally help people to lose weight. But, there is a developing trend which most people feel suspicious towards these supplements as they may have some adverse side effects. Some supplements taken without prescription can be very risky. Contrary to this, it is a good thing to know that the dangers of using plexus slim are so minimal. This is because the product has been subjected to extensive tests in a clinical environment and it normally works in conjunction with eating a healthy diet.

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  1. I took plexus for 8 weeks. I ended up in the emergency room with excruciating lower back pain.All of my test results were inconclusive, and the only thing different for me was the plexus. The pain was so bad that I passed out when I tried to stand up. I immediately stopped using Plexus and the pain has not returned.

  2. I have been drinking the slim pink drink for about 2 months and have had 2 UTI’s in the past month. I never have had UTI’s before and wondering if this drink could have anything to do with it.

  3. I was so excited to use Plexus and was seeing great results. After 3 months, I began having horrible chest pains that turned out to be gallbladder problems. I spent 3 months going to doctors. I enjoyed losing weight obviously but it wasn’t worth the pain. Be careful.

    • The UTI’s are die off. Get the toxins out of your body. Not fun, but necessary to get them out. I had the same thing, but none now.

  4. So, Betty, have you told anyone that you can no longer be a Plexus Ambassador because you couldn’t follow compliance guidelines set forth by the company? Just curious.

    • Seriously? Read a bit more about me, I am far ahead in the fitness world to even think of being an “ambassador”…

  5. I used Plexus t last summer for a month and a half.

    It gave me severe stomach pain, heartburn, nausea. I was told that was “candida die off”.

    Ended up going to my gastroenterologist who did an endoscopy and found gastritis. I brought all the packaging in and he said it looked too acidic and had some questionable ingredients.

    I lost 8 lbs but not from Plexus. It was from the gastritis. NEVER AGAIN!

  6. I have been taking plexus since July of last year. Since then, I’ve had nothing but amazing results. I am a long time insomniac who has been prescribed sleep medication. I know longer need them. I’ve also been prescribed vitamins for low vitamin D. I know longer need them. While I’ve only lost 20lbs, I’ve lost so many inches. It’s amazing the results I’m seeing.

      • That is a shame because Polydextrose is a synthetic made in a lab that causes the body a form of diarrhea and robs it of nutrition. It’s a filler for the commercial food supply. A bulking agent. Too much can cause full blown diarrhea.

        Polydextrose is linked to terrible GI symptoms, including gall bladder attacks.

  7. I have been using Plexus slim since Sept. and not really having much in the way of feeling very different or had any weight loss. During a routine blood test the results came back that my liver enzymes were elevated. I was shocked, I’m not a heavy drinker and I don’t use pain killers very often, I drink lots of water and eat right. I’m not really even over weight I just wanted to lose about 5 lbs. My doctor said it could very well be from the Plexus which has chromium polynicotinate in it, it’s known to increase liver enzymes and cause kidney problems. It will be months until I am back to normal.

  8. I’ve been taking Plexus Slim and Accelerator for 2 weeks. I started having lower back pain then realized it’s my kidneys. I’m off of it as of today. Waiting to see what happens.

    • Nancy, the same thing happened to me!! I took Plexus for a couple of weeks and my kidneys hurt so bad!! I thought I would have to go to the emergency room! Recently, my friend bought into Plexus and after 3 months, he had to be hospitalized with kidney stones so big that he couldn’t pass them!! Not worth the risk!!!

    • I’ve been on the plexus trial within my 7 days but kidneys are been hurting 2x since the 7 days! I know it works differently for everyone.. but for me I believe I won’t be ordering again…

  9. I was on Plexus about a year and a half ago. I began having times that I would dizzy, but I’d eat something and feel better. One day, I was extremely dizzy, clammy, and I had the shakes really badly.

    My mother checked my blood sugar with her monitor and it set an alarm off on it—my glucose level was only 63!

    It took some work to get it back up too! I’m so glad she thought to check it before I left to go to school! I now have my own monitor, but I still seem to be prone to low blood sugar, just not quite THAT low, and my body gives warns me at around 85 that it’s headed down.

    It also makes me uncomfortable that they don’t warn about water intoxication when they instruct people to drink such a large amount simply as a minimum, and say that the more you drink, the better results you’ll have. I didn’t have much weight loss in the months I used it, either!

  10. OMG. SO glad I found your site.

    Albeit a bit late as LOL I strangely decided to do research yesterday AFTER I ordered the product. Lovely. Anyhow I was on with customer service trying to see if I could cancel my order before it shipped, but no such luck.

    So I got a number to write on the outside of the box and then am supposed to also write return to sender on it. AND apparently it can take up to a MONTH after they get it back for you to get a refund nice. Oh well I figure that money is nothing in comparison to what could have happened if I drank it and got sick.

    So thankful I found this before I drank that junk. I will call my bank this AM and see if they think I should either get a new debit card or if they can block them from getting into my acct. just in case as they did say auto-ship is off, but I don’t believe it for a second HA!

    Thanks again!

  11. You mention in this post that “the product has been subjected to extensive tests in a clinical environment…” Where could I find the results from those test, please?

      • I have been taking Slim for a year. About 5 weeks ago I became fatigue and went for bloodwork. I have a low platelet count and elevated B12. Waiting to see hematologist. My instincts are telling me it’s the Slim as my friend had to cut back slim due to high liver count. I’ll report back when talk to specialist. Never had low platelets before

  12. I had been on levothyroxin for the last five years. Being hypothyroid. I started taking plexus slim and the accelerator about six months ago. (buy it on eBay. It’s way cheaper than from an ambassador, fyi.) I just had blood work done to check my thyroid level and I actually had them do it again because I didn’t believe the results. Completely normal. My hair is still thinning so I’m going to see an endocrinologist about it. No more thyroid meds for this chick. Just hope the readings aren’t false because of the plexus. Hope I’m actually better as my hair loss is continuing and that strikes as odd to me.

    • Seems like plexus won’t allow you to comment on the side effects of chromium in the Slim drink. Too much can cause hair loss and headaches. Ease back on the pink drink- maybe take it 3X per week instead of daily.

  13. My Mother had took my blood sugar with her monitor. It was 84… on her thing. I was wondering if that was normal or what?

    I hope it is any ways… so am I in the clearing?

  14. My blood sugar the other day was 88, and I know this is really low, but I’m also worried about my possibility of having diabetes. Are these two things linked somehow?

    • Normal blood sugar readings for non diabetic individuals are usually between 80-100. I’ve been diabetic for 20 years and Plexus has helped me to regulate my sugars. My highs aren’t as high as they have been and I’m not experiencing as many lows.

  15. I am trying desperately to loose weight. For many years I was very active and exercised loads , but I did enjoy a carb rich diet , which was made up of wholesome carb. Then a few years ago I started with low blood sugar. It is so severe, I have had blood tests and lots of checks but nothing is showing. I have had checks for diabetes and thyroid checks too. Some one mentioned going back to basics a higher protein diet, i asked the doctor about this and he said that he agreed that high protien diets helped people with low blood sugar like mine, although guidlines say they are not allowed to endorse there.
    Has any one tried one? Is there any site with the basics I should follow?

  16. My doctor told me that my blood sugar was 101 so I should keep an eye on it. I’ve been on diet for 1 month now and yesterday administered my own blood sugar test using the OneTouch Ultra 2 in what would be considered a “Random” testing and received a 92. I thought, “Great, what I’m doing is working.” The problem is that this morning after not eating for about 12 hours I did a “Fasting Blood Glucose” test and the result was 105, a retest showed it at 99. Is there any reason that the fasting test (12 hours no food) would be higher than the random test (4 hours no food)? Does the OneTouch just suck?

    Any help would be appreciated

  17. My doctor thinks I *might* be diabetic – but I have NEVER had high blood sugar at all….

    It went to 30 before (lowest) and now its at 40 … I am 17 years old .. I am not underweight / over weight either..There are times I get bad anxiety ,shaky , dizy , and throwing up feeling , I am also a bit anaemic … Other then diabetic – what else causes low blood sugar? I test everyday 2 times a day never high and always a small bit low ? …

  18. Hi, I know that blood sugar is regulated by a negative feedback loop, but is there a positive feedback mechanism for blood sugar? If so, do you know any websites with information about the positive feedback for blood sugar.


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